Aug 15th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

What does holistic skincare mean to us?

What does holistic skincare mean to us?

You’ll have heard us use the word ‘holistic’ just a few times by now. It’s even in the name of our one-on-one skincare consultations. But why does everything we do take a holistic approach? What does holistic even mean to us?

Well, let’s start here.

Skin isn’t only impacted by the products we apply each morning and night. It’s also affected by everything else around us and that includes: the environment we live in, the food we eat, the sleep we get, the stress we experience, the exercise we do, the amount we drink and so much more.

We like to look at the full picture, to figure out what lifestyle factors could be impacting your skin and offer useful, practical advice to improve them. In other words, you’ll come away from a Holistic Skin Session with so much more than just product recommendations…

According to Skin Mentor, Rachel McKenna, “Holistic skincare to me is a wonderful, rounded way in which through treating the skin, one looks at the bigger picture, therefore also benefiting the mind, body and soul,” while fellow Skin Mentor Katie Onyejekwe agrees. “For me, this means not just looking to skincare as your ‘fix it all'. Getting enough sleep, managing stress levels and paying attention to what you eat/drink are all important aspects of caring for your skin as they can all impact its condition. Think of your skin as an extension of you, rather than a separate entity.”

Skin Mentor Jo Carr says, “When it comes to skincare, us Skin Mentors look at the whole picture. It’s not just about the serums and creams, holistic skincare takes into account internal and external influences like your lifestyle, including diet, sleep, stress. Everything is a factor and it's time to explore that.” While fellow Skin Mentor Rajwinder Bhola, adds: “For me, improving the health of our skin should be viewed the same way that we would look after any other vital organ... Hydration, and a good diet should not be ignored, to compliment a good skincare routine.”

It makes sense, right? Well book in for a Holistic Skin Session today, and finally understand the power of looking at the whole - holistic - picture. Your skin will be grateful for it!