Aug 16th, 2021 ・ Shannon Peter

What exactly is rollercoaster skin?

What exactly is rollercoaster skin?

Hands up who can relate: for weeks on end, your skin seems cool, calm and collected. Your (Lionne-approved) routine is working its magic and your glow is on top form. Then BAM 💥. Suddenly out of nowhere, everything changes pretty much overnight. Your once settled skin is now sporting a brand new set of spots, a smattering of dry patches, a new shade of redness, a bout of eczema or a ton of congestion that wasn’t there yesterday. And just when you finally get your complexion back on track, the vicious cycle strikes again. Furiously nodding along right now? You probably have a case of rollercoaster skin 🎢.

What is rollercoaster skin?

Rollercoaster skin is the term we used to describe the temperamental and ever-changing nature of skin. Like a rollercoaster, there are plenty of highs (think clear, happy skin with a strong barrier) but there are also a fair share of lows (breakouts, redness, flare ups). And as the rider of this dermatological ride, it can feel like you have pretty much no control of its course.

Why is skin so prone to sudden and frequent changes?

This all harps back to a little thing we call your Skin Mood™. While your skin type can tell us a little bit of your skin story (around 10%), as a skin signifier, it’s way too static. Skin, given that it’s a living thing, is way more spontaneous than that. Just think: everything from the weather 🌧 to pollution levels 🌬 , sleep 💤 to stress 🥵, mood 😊 to diet 🍕 can have an impact on your Skin Mood™ and that’s why regular skin shifts are (unfortunately) totally normal.

Still, if you’re noticing your skin is having a really rocky ride, no matter what you do to help, it could be a big red flag signifying a weakened skin barrier. This leaves your skin susceptible to irritation and inflammation,as not only can all important hydration escape, bad stuff (like pollution and bacteria) also have an easy entry. In other words: you’re going to want to fix this, pronto!

How do you deal with rollercoaster skin?

Just like every face is unique, so is every skin rollercoaster. That’s why it’s best to take a total personal approach to your skin journey. In our Holistic Skin Sessions, our Skin Mentors work with you to not only decipher your skin type, but also your current Skin Mood™, needs and concerns. They’ll then translate this info into a completely custom routine, built bespoke for you. Staying consistent with these products is key if you’re to settle your rollercoaster, but your Skin Mentor will also suggest SOS skin remedies you can turn to if things start to spiral downwards.

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