Oct 4th, 2021 ・ Shannon Peter

What exactly is a clinical skin treatment?

What exactly is a clinical skin treatment?

It was only a matter of time before our generation of skintellectuals decided it was time to up the ante on their regimes and seek out the mega results of a clinical treatment. The problem is, the world of clinical facials is still pretty confusing. And with treatments so hardcore and prices so high, you want to make sure you’re booking in for the right thing. Below, we answer a few clinical treatment FAQs to help you on your way.

What is a clinical treatment?

The main aim of clinical treatments is to address certain skin concerns in a really powerful and efficacious way. They’re usually performed by expert aestheticians or dermatologists with many years of really specific experience behind them and they involve using lots of hi tech equipment and clinical strength products.

How do clinical treatments differ from regular facials?

To put it simply: clinical treatments tend to be more hardcore. There are so many great facials out there, but clinical treatments (and the machinery they involve) tend to have more research into their efficacy and they thus yield far greater results. Facials tend to include the kinds of products you can buy yourself, whereas in clinical facials, your aesthetician is likely to use more potent or medical grade products. Beauty or spa facials usually involve standard treatments like massage and exfoliation, whereas clinical facials can also include injectables and needling treatments, like mesotherapy.

Can you do any clinical treatments at home?

Technically yes, but it’s likely that the results won’t be as impressive. Why? Because professional aestheticians and dermatologists have access to more powerful technologies and more potent ingredients than their at-home counterparts. Certain at-home devices (think: LED face masks and microcurrent machines) are great for everyday upkeep, but if you want much more noticeable results, then it’s better to see a pro.

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