Apr 28th, 2020 ・ Megan Felton

WFH Profile 5: The New Chef

WFH Profile 5: The New Chef

Before the lockdown, your favorite cooking app was Deliveroo. Who has time to cook something when they have to work all day? You never understood people that were making pasta from home (when you can have it already done for you from the Waitrose just down your road). However, the past 3 weeks (and most importantly since the pasta is all out everywhere) you decided to dust off your kitchen tools and discover how to use them to cook for yourself! 3 weeks in and look at you! A New Chef mastering food, explaining to your friends the difference between cellentani and girandole.

  • Cooking for yourself. Cooking is a form of creativity and helps you to expand your mind! It is also a great way to wind down from the day and think about something other than work or COVID-19.

  • Eat Yummier. Making your own food is also an amazing way to eat healthier and realize that making something from scratch is not as bad as you thought. It can actually be funny and entertaining. It makes you realize that you can actually eat much yummier and healthier than you used to in restaurants!

  • For those who were used to order-in or eat at restaurants, you will also see a dramatic change in your skin (depending on what you cook obviously)! Yes, even if you already eat healthier. This is because you are the one controlling the ingredients and the recipes. Therefore, you are more conscious about what you add in and know what you’re eating.

  • There aren't any cons really as you are feeding your skin from the inside. However, you need to be conscious of how cooking can slightly affect your skin. In fact, even if that small steam coming from the pan reminds you of the last facial that you got before COVID-19, it also opens your pores and then constricts them slightly.

  • Therefore, it could increase sensitivity if you do have a compromised barrier function. The solution would be to gently cleanse your skin at night and hydrate (as you would normally do) and be more conscious of not having your face just by the pan.

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