Apr 27th, 2020 ・ Megan Felton

WFH Profile 4: The Delivery Obssessed

WFH Profile 4: The Delivery Obssessed

If you are hearing the door ring as much as you hear your emails coming through: you are definitely part of the delivery obsessed group. Who can blame you? If you can’t go shop and stroll around your favorite boutiques let them come to you. Plus we are all about supporting local and small businesses! From a new lip scrub (because the other one was not smelling EXACTLY as you imagined) to foot masks, you are filling your bathroom shelves as if the beauty industry was going into quarantine too. You also need that cute working from home outfit, that influencers keep posting on their social media. If you can’t wear that Rixo dress that you got the day before the lockdown you need to compensate, right?

  • Finally getting a skincare regime on point. In fact, due to your job or your lifestyle, in general, it is practically impossible to dedicate some time to your skin before. Searching for the right moisturizer was an impossible mission! Therefore, now that you are working from home you can really go through your bathroom shelf. However, make sure to know your skin before buying anything!
  • Our Holistic Skin Session helps you to determine the right products to use AM & PM for your skin, this is the perfect kick start to your skin’s health. We help you to make informed, impartial decisions that you simply won’t get from brands or on the high street.
  • Buying things that you don’t need. We know this is something that we keep on talking about everywhere we go, but the main danger here is to order or buy things that you don’t need. In fact, if it’s something that you will use “later” or “one day” it’s definitely not worth buying. First, it’s a big ouch for your wallet, for the delivery guy that takes more risk by delivering more parcels, and also for your skin. Don’t forget that your skin decisions should be led by understanding not hype!

  • Stocking-up on products. Stocking-up on skincare products is NOT a good idea! This is because those products have a shelf life and you want to buy them fresh, to really get their full benefits. Therefore, just like food- buy when you need it and not when you want it.

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