May 30th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

To oil cleanse or not to oil cleanse?

To oil cleanse or not to oil cleanse?

Oil cleansers have to be one of the most polarising skincare products out there. Some people love them, and can’t imagine using anything else to rinse away their makeup at the end of a long day. Other people avoid them at all costs, fearful that applying oil to their already oily skin will cause them to break out. So what’s the truth: is oil cleansing good for the skin?


They melt away makeup

Anyone that uses a cleansing oil or balm can attest: oil-based cleansers are really great at breaking down makeup pigments, lifting away even the most stubborn mascara with ease.

They lift away SPF

Similarly, the oil texture is able to break down strong sunscreen formulations so you can be sure you haven’t left a single drop on your skin.

They can soften dry skin

If you have pretty dry skin, your oil cleanser will work as an emollient, leaving the skin more supple and soft post-cleansing. And if you have irritable skin, it’s more likely to get on with some (not all!) oil cleansers rather than foaming textures, which can strip the skin barrier.


Some can cause breakouts

While it isn’t true that using oils will always cause a breakout, certain oils have been known to cause adverse reactions on some skin types. Case in point: coconut oil, which clogs the pores and leads to spots. Instead, look for plant oils that will offer plenty of benefits beyond feeling nice and moisturising the skin.

You might hate the feeling

Some people love the soft, moisturised feeling left on skin after using an oil-based product, whereas others will hate it. Our advice? Follow up with a gel or cream textured second cleanse. You’ll get the benefits of the oil cleanser, but the second cleansing layer will lift away any residual greasiness.

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