Jun 22nd, 2020 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

The Sun's Benefits for the Skin!

The Sun's Benefits for the Skin!

We can feel that with all of our sunscreen content we are giving a real bad reputation to the sun when actually it has so many benefits for our bodies. When studying the skin, we found it difficult to understand the right balance to efficiently protect the skin from UV damage but also benefit from it, as it can work in synergy with our body ( production of Vitamin D, for example).

What we found is that again, like everything related to skincare: it completely depends on your skin. However, having spoken to different dermatologist and read different studies one thing for sure is that we shouldn’t be scared of the sun! Exposing us the right way can be beneficial for our skin and body health. More than just producing Vitamin D, sun explore can improve dental health, enhance mood and energy, relieve fibromyalgia pain & treat season affective disorders.

Most importantly, sun exposure can help us to prevent...skin cancer. Yep, that’s right exposing carefully ( don’t get too excited) your skin can help to build up some resistance! So how to benefit from it with no risks involved?

While you were prepping your body with tanning oil ready to get that tan in the middle of the day, getting a healthy amount of sun starts with a visit to your dermatologist. In fact, you need to ensure that your skin can get those healthy amounts of UV light. Once this step is checked, you can expose your skin to UV light very early in the morning or late in the day when the UV Index is low (timings will depend on your location). Normally, the length of your exposition should be half the time it takes your skin to begin to burn. Having said that DON’T test and see you time to burn, but start by only exposing your skin for 10-15 min before 8 am ( I can feel the disappointment while reading this)! Don’t forget that the skin is our largest organ so exposing your arms while having your face protected is perfect! We know so many rules but we guarantee you that once you’ll find the perfect balance it will become all clear!