Aug 20th, 2021 ・ Shannon Peter

The SOS skin saviours to turn to halt a complexion meltdown

The SOS skin saviours to turn to halt a complexion meltdown

If you have a case of rollercoaster skin, it can often feel like you have a new complexion to contend with on a near daily basis. But just because your skin is everchanging, that doesn’t mean your routine should. In fact, you don't need a full skincare regime for every skin eventuality 🙅‍♀️ but what you do need is an efficient and effective base routine, alongside a few fast-working 🆘 products to turn to, should things go a little off course. Below, Lion/ne founders Megan and Ksenia share their favourite in-case-of-emergency skin solutions!

Ksenia recommends:

Clinisept Clinisoothe This spray is an amazing SOS product and can be used in different ways. If you suddenly experience more inflammation or redness due to the sensitivity of your skin or if you have more breakouts than usual, using this spray every morning and evening after cleansing will help to not only inhibit bacterial formation but also calm down redness. It is also a great product to have on hand when experiencing ‘sudden’ skin reactions like after wearing a mask or after working out.

Skinceuticals Phytocorrective Serum I also like to recommend this serum for those experiencing rollercoaster skin as it helps to target skin redness. If you experience a flare-up or feel like your skin is more inflamed than usual due to unusual breakouts or acne, adding this serum to your routine will help to calm down the skin.

Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse This might not sound like a SOS product but it’s such a great cleanser to add in your skincare regime when your skin feels more sensitive than usual. If you are using more potent cleansers that contain other types of chemical exfoliants, it is important to ease down your cleansing routine as it might over-strip your skin when sensitive. Don't forget that inflammation, redness and breakouts can also appear depending on your location! My skin, for example, feels more sensitive right now as I am in a hot climate with the AC blasting, so adding something that will comfort my skin is extremely important to ensure my skin isn’t losing more water than it should.

Megan recommends:

Avene Cicalfate For me, rollercoaster skin usually means either a very big hormonal spot or a rosacea flare up. This means that I need a few different types of SOS products on hand. For my rosacea flare ups and excessive dry skin in the winter there is no other product that soothes and nourishes like the Avène Cicalfate. I won’t put this all over, just on the areas that are inflamed as a last step in the evening.

The Inkey List C50 Blemish Night Serum This serum contains BHA salicylic acid in addition to vitamin C and E and aims to prevent future breakouts from happening and current breakouts from getting worse. I find that this will nip any hormonal spots in the bud pretty quickly! I use it as a spot treatment, rather than as a full mask all over.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask For tired skin that needs an SOS for an event or post-event (aka hungover skin),  I find nothing better than this mask. It’s very easy to travel with as well, so I always have one on hand when I go away! The ingredients in the serum that this mask is soaked with are ceramides and a peptide complex that really does the trick for plumping up and refreshing the skin barrier. The mask is also 100% biodegradable!

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