Mar 7th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

The Fundamental Steps in Every Skincare Routine

The Fundamental Steps in Every Skincare Routine

If you know anything about Lion/ne, you know that we don’t believe in identikit, cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all skincare routines. They just don’t make sense. Your skin – not to mention your combination of lifestyle, age, environment and goals – is completely unique, and your skincare regime should be too.

But that being said: there are a handful of fundamental steps that every skincare routine could benefit from, no matter your complexion woes or concerns. No, we’re not talking the old school cleanse-tone-moisturise theory, but there are a few basic elements you need to nail, before you start to add in the fun stuff on top.

So, what should every skincare routine include?


A good cleanser is the cornerstone of any routine. Not only is it vital for ridding the face of the day’s grime and bacteria, but it’s what prepares the skin to absorb all the other active and hydrating ingredients you apply on top.

The exact cleanser you use, however, well, that’s totally dependent on your skin type and Skin Mood™. Some faces will get on better with gently foaming gel formulas, while others will love balms, oils and milks. We can help you figure out your complexion’s cleanser preferences through one of our Holistic Skin Sessions.


Exfoliants are what sloughs away dead skin cells and keeps cell turnover ticking, so they’re pretty important. However, not all complexions can tolerate potent exfoliants, or even regular use, so your particular exfoliant routine will be pretty personal.

There are also different types of exfoliants, some harsher than others. Speak to your Skin Mentor to find out which is right for you.


All skin can do with a splash of hydration from time to time, which is why it’s always worth including this step in your routine. The form that hydration comes in, however, is where things get a little more specific.

You might need to layer on the hydrating serums if your skin is dehydrated (hyaluronic acid is your best friend here), or if your skin is dry, you want a moisturiser that will replenish lost oils and rebuild barrier strength – enter ceramides.


A total non-negotiable all year round, SPF is your best form of defence against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Look for a broad spectrum formula with at least SPF 30 and apply liberally. Think you’ve put on enough? Add some more.

To build out a detailed routine that’s totally tailored to you, book in for a Holistic Skin Session today.