Nov 25th, 2019 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

The Conscious Friday

The Conscious Friday

On Black Friday, Make the Best Choice. At the moment, there are two types of attitudes when it comes to cosmetics on Black Friday. 1. Can’t wait for this day to happen to stock up on favourite products and make sure to enjoy the best deals out there. 2. Pressing the ‘mute’ button on this day, because of all the waste that it incurs.

We live in a culture of extremes, and dare we say hypocrisy. It is a lot about going along with trends and making sure that we are seen to be doing the right thing. For example, when you instagram eating a burger, but then feel you need to fit in that extra spinning class (ok, maybe this is just us!). In relation to the way we buy beauty, we become more conscious when Zero Waste Weeks rolls around, but as soon as it’s Black Friday we allow ourselves to splurge and consume lots, and LOTS of products. The problem is that we are going from one extreme to another, instead of finding balance.

In fact, we are living in a constant stress, to keep up with how we think we should look, but also the way we should behave. This is due to all the noise (both bad and good) that we are bombarded with. Days like Black Friday tend to pressure us into buying or doing things that, normally, we wouldn’t even consider.

It’s time to switch our mindset and turn that Black Friday into Conscious Friday! Let’s try to find that balance between the two extremes. Buy products, follow trends, splurge on things if it makes sense for YOUR SKIN & if you can't answer the question ‘What’s right for my skin?” then it's time to come and see us. Our aim is to help each one of you to make the best skincare choice by giving unbiased recommendations.

This is why for our Conscious Friday, we will be offering 20% off on our consultations; not only because “Black Friday” isn’t our vibe, but also because we want to help you choose the right deals & products for your skin & the environment!

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