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The best scalp-care products team Lionne

The best scalp-care products team Lionne

Just because the skin on the scalp is hidden away by your hair doesn't make it any less worthy of love, care and attention.

In fact, when it comes to strong, healthy, shiny hair, all roads lead back to the scalp and it's under more stress than ever before. Not only are the already scary-high pollution levels on the increase, the general rise in inflammatory skin conditions like eczema also means that our scalps are more susceptible to irritation than ever before.

It may only be a relatively small patch of skin, but it's home to a delicate ecosystem of useful bacteria which can all-too-quickly slip out of balance. Plus, it's prone to extreme moisture loss thanks to rigorous wash day routines, and it also has to deal with all the styling products we continue to pile on. Dry shampoo, we're looking at you.

The thing is – and you'll be happy to hear this bit – you really needn't invest in some kind of 10-step routine to keep you scalp in check. But it is worth thinking about adding a scalp-specific product into your regular hair wash routine, particularly if you notice issues like dryness, flakiness and itchiness. Below, we asked team Lion/ne to share their favourite scalp products that you might like too.

*Fable & Mane Holi Roots Hair Oil *

"I notice a visible difference when I apply this serum," says co-founder Megan. "I get a lot of dandruff and I also play with my hair and rub my scalp throughout the day. That might be TMI but it's true, and it means that I really need to hydrate it." To use, simply apply a few pipettes to the scalp, massage it into the roots of the hair, and leave for at least five minutes (although overnight is best).

*Goop G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo *

This one comes recommended by Skin Mentor, Vitalia. "It's a whipped shampoo that exfoliates, nourishes, purifies and detoxifies," she says. "It's great for cleansing the hair and scalp from the product build-up (from sprays and gels, etc) as well as oil and dirt. Plus, it smells amazing." The salt grains flick away dead skin cells, while cold-pressed moringa oil and rosehip oil nourish the skin.

*Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask *

"It contains Hungarian moor mud to detoxify and revitalise the scalp, promoting healthier hair," Vitalia explains. "It also contains cooling menthol and camphor which give relief to irritated, itchy scalps, while salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and unblocks hair follicles." Expect a fresher-feeling scalp from the first use.

Coco and Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub and Nourishing Hair Mask

If community manager Alexandra had to use only one word to describe this scalp-liberating duo, it would be 'lovely'. The scrub formula contains coconut oil to seal moisture into the scalp, volcanic ash and crushed coconut shells to exfoliate and peppermint oil to give a tingling, cooling sensation. The mask, on the other hand, is all about nourishment, using shea butter and argan oil to lock moisture into the hair and scalp.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Although she tries to indulge in regular scalp scrubs, the one ritual Lion/ne contributor Shannon can stick to is a daily scalp massage courtesy of this tool. "The firm (but not painful) prongs really work to stimulate the scalp and kickstart blood and oxygen circulation," she explains. "Better still, it feels so satisfying. I use mine alongside my shampoo to really lather it up."

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