Jul 6th, 2021 ・ Shannon Peter

Summer skincare: the skin shifts to expect this season

Summer skincare: the skin shifts to expect this season

One of the main reasons we look beyond the restrictive world of skin types is that – thanks to a whole variety of extrinsic factors – skin is in a constant state of flux. One of the biggest influences on our Skin Mood™ is the weather. As the temperatures soar, humidity levels shift and UV exposure rises, these factors reflect directly on the skin we see in the mirror every morning. If you’re looking for summer skincare tips and advice on tweaking your skincare routine for summer, then read on.


Depending on where you are in the world, humidity levels tend to be higher during the summer months. In some ways, this is good news for the skin: it helps it cling on to water (and thus moisture) for longer periods of time and that allows for a more active enzyme function. But humid environments are also a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can lead to acne, breakouts and congestion.

The solution: cleansing.

You may want to up the ante on your cleansing regime throughout the summer to keep harmful bacteria at bay.


The most obvious seasonal shift this time of year is the temperature. Not only does it cause the skin to sweat a little more, but it also increases oil production as the sebaceous glands become more active. Plus, the oil produced by the skin tends to become runnier and more noticeable and can wreak havoc with the skincare (namely SPF) and make-up worn on top.

The solution: oil-free formulas.

This will totally depend on your unique skin, but if your natural oil production has entered overdrive, you may want to pull back on applying any oil-based products to the face.


While pollution is at play all throughout the year, in summer, it’s negative effects take on a whole new level. With humidity and hotter temperatures, skin is left more vulnerable which means free radicals (the unstable atoms found in pollution particles) have an easier time finding their way into the skin, causing inflammation, degradation of healthy skin cells and damage to the skin barrier.

The solution: antioxidants.

These clever ingredients can pacify unstable free radicals and return skin back to full harmony.

🌞UV Light

UV light damage is the number one factor in premature ageing and while protection from these harmful rays is vital all year round, the UV is much stronger in the summer months. Sun exposure breaks down hyaluronic acid and causes damage to blood vessels and even  DNA, plus it can trigger the skin to overproduce melanin which can lead to dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

The solution: SPF.

It's non-negotiable all year round, but particularly in summer. We recommend sticking to SPF 50 and finding a broad spectrum formula which protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

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