Jun 20th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Skincare rules to live by this summer

Skincare rules to live by this summer

Dive into the world of summer skincare advice online, and you’ll no doubt be met with recommendations to toss all of your favourite products away in favour of a totally new summer skincare routine. But not so fast. While the summer months do require some thoughtful skincare switches, you needn’t completely start from scratch. A skincare consultation (aka a Holistic Skin Session) is the best way to tweak your regime for ahead of the hot weather, so first, book in here, and then take note of these new season skin rules to maintain your glow right through to the autumn.

1. Focus on cleansing

While it’s great for helping skin cling onto moisture, summer’s humid environment can also provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Not nice. That’s why adequately cleansing the skin every evening is of even higher importance throughout the summer. That doesn’t mean hunting out the harshest cleanser going (you don’t want to strip the skin) but making sure you cleanse as soon as you walk through the door each evening will help limit the time this bacteria has to wreak havoc with your skin.

2. Get militant with SPF

No surprise here. SPF is a total non-negotiable all year round, but in the summer months, when the sun’s rays are even stronger, it’s important to not only apply a generous layer of high factor sunscreen, but also to top up your protection throughout the day. These days, there are plenty of SPF formulas to suit your Skin Mood™ and your personal Lionne Skin Mentor will be able to help you find the right one for you.

3. Protect against pollution

The humidity and higher temperatures of the summer make our skin more vulnerable to pollution, which can lead to inflammation and other skin concerns. The best thing to do? Add in an anti-pollution solution to your regime.

4. Keep your cool

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered, and the same can be said for your skin, too. Try keeping your serum in the fridge for a cooling hit every time you apply, or keep a refreshing face mist to hand for when things heat up a little too much.

Ready to adjust your routine for the summer months? Book in for a Holistic Skin Session today.