Jun 23rd, 2020 ・ Megan Felton

It's Time to Put your Skincare Regime on Summer Time!

It's Time to Put your Skincare Regime on Summer Time!

Hello Summer!

Seasons change, and so does your skin! Our skin tends to be drier in the winter and oily in the summer. This means that our skincare regime needs to be reconsidered & swapped a little bit to ensure that our products respond properly to our new summer needs.


Depending on our location of course, un summer the humidity level tends to rise. High humidity levels, mean skin keeps a percentage of water for longer periods of time. Consequently, this allows better enzyme activity function (yay!). However, humidity environment are more likely to host harmful bacteria that can cause acne/breakouts/congestion


As the temperature rises, so does the oil production in our skin. The body naturally produces more sweat in hot temperatures. As the sebaceous glands becomes more active it will automatically also enhance the oil production. More than that, the oil in our skin tends to becomes runnier and becomes more noticeable.


Pollution affects the outer layer of the skin no matter what time of the year. However, in summer because of the humid environment as well as high levels of temperature, our skin is more vulnerable and therefore pollution can easily pass through it . Pollution or chemicals in the air affect the outer and inner layers in different ways. They inflame the skin barrier, and where our skin care has a positive effect is to help with the inflammation. (link)


UV damage is the number 1 factor in premature ageing. In summer, UV lights are much stronger and can cause dramatic damage to the skin. In fact, sun exposure breaks down hyaluronic acid in our skin, damages the blood vessels, damages DNA but also tends to overproduce melanin which can lead to dark spots and pigmentations etc.

It's time to make the right adjustements!

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