Oct 18th, 2019 ・ Megan Felton

Should you trust the “Dermatologically-Tested” label?

Should you trust the “Dermatologically-Tested” label?

“Dermatologically-Tested” products are another label that can be confusing! This was even a surprise to us, but there is very little regulation around this. In fact, to have these two words printed on your product label, you simply need a dermatologist to test the product and see how it reacts on skin. How those tests are done, or what the results are (positive or negative) are not necessary questions that are required to get this “label”. It’s simply crazy how certain brands can make people believe that their products are “safe” to use by throwing something like this around so flippantly.

It’s these false claims that can then attract individuals that either think or know they have a skin condition and need a product to treat this, but they are then “Dermawashed” into buying something that sounds scientific, where in reality it doesn’t mean much!

This does not mean that all products labeled “Dermatologist Tested” are bad or do not do real valuable tests with reputable practitioners. But again, it is something to be aware of and make sure that you are not just grabbing to product for this reason, but are also looking into the ingredients.


Instead of searching for the “Dermatologically Tested” products, go look at reputable dermatologist websites or their Instagram accounts. Some of them sometimes share the products that they recommend and use themselves, and also speak about brands that they trust. It is still not a 100% reliable and they may have brand loyalty, but it is for sure the best instant information that you can get.

If you want to look deeper at certain products, we recommend exploring product formulations, looking at the studies brands have done in a bit more detail, or simply contact brands if you have any questions on their labels!

If you don’t want to do the work, make sure to book a 1:1 Holistic Skin Session with us. We always take into account your needs and beliefs when choosing the right products for your skin needs!

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