May 3rd, 2022 ・ Ksenia

The Pre-Birth Prep I Swear By

The Pre-Birth Prep I Swear By

Throughout my pregnancy journey, one thing I didn’t expect was how major the shift feels when you go from being pregnant to actually having the baby. Suddenly your world completely changes and with a little one to take care of, you have a lot less time for yourself. So, learn from my mistakes, and my tips and tricks! Below, I’ve shared a few things I wish I would have known pre-birth, as well as the things I’m happy I did before my baby arrived.

Build your post-pregnancy regime now

It’s really important to prepare your skincare regime for post-pregnancy, and also stock up on some SOS products. Having a consultation with Megan was so worth it before the birth of my daughter. She helped me to restructure my skincare routine but also recommended additional SOS products that were incredible. What I love is that my skincare regime was very streamlined (it took me a max 5 min) but contained all the ingredients needed for my skin at the time. 

Prepare your hospital bag down to the last detail

I’m not going to lie: I actually took all my skincare regime to the hospital! But there were other things that were super helpful and that I loved having there like my shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but having the same products that you use at home in this environment helps you to feel a bit more at home (thank you Chanella for this great advice). I’m super proud to have the idea of taking my Google Chrome to plug in my computer to the TV and watch Netflix while my breasts and vagina were hurting. 

Strengthen your pelvic floor

Immediately post-pregnancy (and still now) I have trouble holding my bladder. During my pregnancy, I got the Elvie Pelvic Trainer and really regret that I kind of forgot about it. We often focus on how we are going to get our body back but tend to forget the deeper changes that also occur in our body that truly requires our full attention. I wish I would have done more to prep my pelvis and avoid peeing in my yoga pants (for real, it happened). 

Prepare for what happens after birth

Another thing that I regret a little bit is my entire focus on the birth part and not the ‘after’ part. Giving birth is a major thing and of course, you need to know as much as possible to ensure that you are prepared for the big day. However, personally, I realised that I spent too much time trying to prepare myself for the big day instead of focusing on other key things. Breastfeeding, for example,(if it’s the route that you are also choosing) is extremely challenging, painful and incredible. I also think getting to know more about baby routines was key. It really helped me a lot to understand my baby’s needs. 

If you’re soon to give birth and need help building your own post-birth skincare regime, book in for a Holistic Skin Session today.

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