Dec 8th, 2019 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

Post-Holiday Skin : Winter

Post-Holiday Skin : Winter

Not only have we been staying up too late and drinking/eating too much, but winter weather is also extremely harsh on our skin...especially in the UK. For obvious reasons, the skin will feel drier due to colder temperatures and dry air. The constant change in temperature from hothouse/tube to cold outdoors causes redness/inflammation on the skin due to blood vessel dilation. Pollution’s impact on the skin is also increased, as cold air does not ‘rise’ as hot air does! There is also a lack of Vitamin D, which causes sluggishness and lackluster skin. The solution? Boost your skin with antioxidants and make sure to keep its moisture level up!


One thing you can do is take Vitamin D supplements and invest in a SAD lamp to try to increase Vitamin D production. You can also shower your skin in antioxidants and skin building ingredients like Omega 3 & 6. Seed oils are also helpful to create a barrier against the harsh weather, we sometimes put oil on BEFORE we get in the shower, as scalding hot showers are NOT good for the skin.

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