Jan 17th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Our very best wellness tips to see you through Blue Monday

Our very best wellness tips to see you through Blue Monday

Ah, Blue Monday, we meet again. The science may be a little sketchy, but it’s supposedly the most depressing day of the year: we’re pining for the joy of Christmas, sick of the super cold temperatures and sad that the days feel so dark. But, let’s not dwell in the negativity. Why not try to turn your Blue Monday around by trying a new wellness technique or tip to boost your mood or distract your attention? Below, Lion/ne’s Skin Mentors share their favourite spirit-lifting rituals.

“Taking a walk in nature definitely helps me! It's like a green comfort blanket for my nervous system.” — Katie Onyejekwe.

“For me, it's all about my Peloton. It literally makes my day! Walking my dog in the fresh air, with a lovely coffee and a bath in total silence, bliss.” — Jo Carr.

“Having a warm bath and applying Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Essential Oil on my torso and also smelling the oil in my hands: this is my go-to when I am feeling stressed and anxious!” — Claudia Tua Clark.

“I find walking with an audiobook is the perfect time to get some ‘business reading’ done. I give myself plenty of time in the morning to wake up and set a bedtime in the evening to wind down with my skincare regime. It's a perfect sandwich for the day. I also use my LED alarm clock and Light Salon LED mask to fight SAD. Skincare wise, I rotate in hydrators like essences and hyaluronic serums, as well as nourishers like rosehip oil alongside a Wild Source skin meditation.” — Megan Felton.