Dec 4th, 2019 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

"New Year, New Skin" lol

"New Year, New Skin" lol

Prepping for ”New Year, New Skin” this January? Well, if your looking to activate your best skin that time to start is...NOW.

You know the post-christmas period, where you are really feeling the effects of the month of festivities? The days you take down the Christmas tree and are ready to put those new year resolutions into act? We know, it’s a little bit nostalgic, especially since Christmas hasn’t arrived, but there’s a purpose to this post!

The beginning of the year is about fresh starts. Whether that be working out more, eating healthier, being more kind, or getting your skin back on track. These resolutions are key to getting a head start on a new personal goals.

However, sadly New Year has turned into another vicious marketing ploy. Brands like to play with our emotions, values and New Year objectives.They do a great job of making us believe that their products is the key to unlock the new ‘us’. The best example (we know, you know) is the beauty industry.

From “detoxifying” your skin from the festivities, to getting that “New Year, New Skin.” The result? Buying too many products that won’t actually fulfil all the promises they make, and maybe they will help the skin...but never overnight!

Why are we talking about this now? Because if you really want to see a change in your skin and be on the path to a glow, you need to get your shit(emoji) together now and get a proper skincare routine that responds to your current skin needs.

Nope you won’t get results by buying one product with 1000 promises, and nope you won’t see any change overnight. If you want that new year glow, then you need to get on it ASAP. Don’t forget that January is a big, big, big month in the beauty & wellness industry so don’t let yourself be fooled and keep your future resolutions very close to your heart...Siri might be listening (lol).

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