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Megan and Ksenia’s workout (and skincare!) routines

Megan and Ksenia’s workout (and skincare!) routines

Call us voyeurs, but it’s a strange human instinct to be fascinated by the routines of others. We want to know exactly what successful women do every morning that makes them so, well… successful. And it’s not just us that wants to know the ins and outs of the skincare regimes of the glowiest faces on Instagram.

But – particularly since we’re mildly obsessed with all things Olympics right now – it can be equally as interesting to hear about the exercises other people do every week. So we thought we’d share ours. Below, Megan and Ksenia walk through the gold-medal workouts they’ve grown to love, as well as how they tweak their skincare routines to suit. Because (if you hadn’t heard)  we all need a pre- and post-workout skincare regime.

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Ksenia’s workout schedule

I usually work out in the morning first thing! I was already practicing yoga and pilates prior to my pregnancy and have just continued doing it as my teachers are also pre-natal certified. Yoga allows me to really connect with my body and stretch out everything, especially right now! I see my pilates class as my strengthening workout. I really suffer (in a good way) during each session, which I love. I also love to swim from time to time, but I am not regular with it, it really depends on my week. However, as I am by the sea for the next 3 weeks, I will be swimming more. I’m really excited but it does mean I will have to adapt my skincare regime slightly.

Yoga & Pilates

I am an early riser, so I do wake-up before my session. I very gently cleanse my skin with something super creamy like the Neostrata PHA Cleanser or the Skingredients Gentle Cleanser to gently awaken my skin and then apply a light moisturiser just to have an occlusive barrier on my skin pre-workout. I hate the feeling of tightness and dryness and since I don’t sweat that much, this provides the comfort that I need. Post-yoga, I wash my face with the Nescens Cleansing Gel or sometimes the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam and then do my normal morning routine.


I normally swim in a swimming pool which is really not the right environment for any types of skin. In fact, chlorine is super dehydrating and can even cause sensitivity. What I do is similar to my previous regime; I apply a moisturiser pre-swimming but I make sure that it is a little bit thicker to provide a nice hydration. The Esse Moisturiser is great for that! Once I finish swimming, I cleanse my skin straight away with a hydrating or creamy cleanser such as the Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanser, then spray a little bit of Clinisoothe+ on top to inhibit any bacterial formation and give a "reset" sensation to my skin. Once dry, I apply a light hydrating serum (loving the Vichy one at the moment) and sunscreen on top!

Megan's workout schedule

I go through phases where I am really on it with my workouts and then phases where I am doing the bare minimum. Right now, with work being more busy than usual, my workout routine has been put on the back-burner. But when I do workout it will be a real mix between Heartcore (reformer pilates), Barry's Bootcamp (strength training & cardio), and at home strength training. For me, if the workout doesn't happen before work, then it isn't happening. So in regards to my skincare regime, I will do very little before and what I do after will completely depend on the workout! If I have gotten very hot and sweaty then I will strip my usual regime back to the Face Gym Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser, Clinisoothe, Bioderma Sensibio and EltaMD SPF 46.

Heartcore Reformer Pilates

I never thought I would enjoy working out, but I really do enjoy reformer pilates. It is a workout that I feel in every single part of my body and I love the flow of the classes at Heartcore (Samantha in the Fulham studio is my fave!). In terms of my skincare regime before and after, I honestly don't get too hot and sweaty - so before I will go as I am just out of bed. After I will do my entire morning regime, and head off to work. As my skin is so dry, I prefer when I am doing morning workouts indoors to start my regime post workout.

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