Oct 7th, 2021 ・ Shannon Peter

Ksenia and Megan’s favourite facials 💆

Ksenia and Megan’s favourite facials 💆

Ask any beauty expert and they’ll tell you the same – the one question we get asked the most is: where can I get the best facial? Like skincare products, not all facials will suit all faces, which is why we always suggest booking in to speak to a Lion/ne Skin Mentor to unlock tailored treatment recommendations, rather than simply copying a recommendation from a friend.

But if you do want some pointers on where you can start, first read our beginner’s guide to booking a facial and then come back here to hear from founders Ksenia and Megan on the very best facial treatments they’ve ever tried.

Ksenia loves:

HydraFacials are my favourite skin treatment. They sit just between a traditional facial and a more clinical treatment and are considered a medical-grade facial rejuvenation treatment. HydraFacials do lots of different things, like cleansing the skin, detoxifying it, exfoliating it and extract any nasties (in a safe way of course) all in a single treatment, so it’s the perfect thing for you if you feel that your skin is more congested than usual. I had one just after the summer as that’s when my skin tends to become slightly thicker and more congested than usual.

Another treatment that was amazing was when I had a combination of a gentle chemical peel with microneedling. When it was happening, I really felt like my skin was itchy and burning (that’s apparently normal) and although I got a little bit scared, thankfully, I fully trusted my dermatologist! After the peel, she then used a microneedle tool and – I have to say – that was not the most pleasant experience. My face felt red and sore immediately afterwards and by the second day, it was feeling better but still very sensitive. On the third day? It felt amazing!!

Megan loves:

Dr. David Jack’s Egyptian Facial is probably my number one at the moment because almost immediately after, I started to receive compliments on my skin and the results seemed to last for a few weeks. The core elements of this facial are a peel, dermaplaning, and antioxidants. The peel element stings a little bit, but was even sensitive enough for my rosacea-prone skin. I think that for anyone that is feeling a bit dull or lacklustre, this is the one. Listen to the Skinnterview episode where Dr. David Jack and Megan discuss this. Click Here to listen!

I can echo Ksen on the HydraFacials.  I think that all of us suffer from a degree of dehydration and this is a pretty surefire way to get back some of that lost water. I also love this one for congested skin as it does offer some exfoliating elements in addition.

Mortar & Milk’s Bespoke Facial with founder Pam is one of my old faves and we refer loads of clients to her clinic. In fact, Pam joined us for an episode of our podcast, The Skinterview, all about the importance of consultation.

FaceGym Cryo Facial - I think this sculpting facial is one of my favourite ways to relax. I also love how you can actually tell the difference between before and after the treatments from the sculpting. Although I do have very sensitive skin so sometimes it can be a bit much and cause congestion.

Find out the facial treatments that are right for you by booking a Holistic Skin Session.

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