Jul 17th, 2020 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

Is your product expired? Here's why you HAVE to know the answer!

Is your product expired? Here's why you HAVE to know the answer!

Is your product expired? Yes, we know it’s hard to believe that your £70 moisturiser has a shelf life, but saying goodbye at the right time might save your skin and ensure its optimal health!

In fact, if the expiry date of your skincare product has passed and you are still religiously applying it on your skin, it can have many different impacts for your skin.

First, it becomes a nest for bacteria. Once the product comes in contact with air, light and bacteria the quality and efficiency of the product is slowly decreasing. Bad bacteria = enemy for our skin, meaning that using a contaminated product can compromise your skin barrier over time.

Secondly, your product might not “work”anymore. Potent ingredients may gradually lose their power based on the formulation! Therefore, keeping lots of serums in your drawer is not a good idea, as they simply won’t benefit your skin anymore. If you’re noticing that your product starting to become more runny or changed colour/smell, that probably means that it is time to say goodbye. But before reaching this point, it is essential to keep your bathroom shelf organised, as you don’t want to invest time in to products that are simply not beneficial to your skin anymore.

Our Cheat Sheet

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Lion/ne Tips & Tricks

  • Check the expiration date! Normally, you are able to see the sign of a little jar with a number of it, that’s your PAO= Period After Opening.

  • Use our little excel cheat sheet, simply add the date in the right column, and magic your expiration date automatically appears on the right. Take a screenshot!

  • Take a sharpie & add the expiration date to your calendar, we know it’s sad but you need to write their “bye-bye” date somewhere.

  • Pots where you need to do a deep dive of your finger to apply the product is a big NO especially if you’re not a neat freak and don’t disinfect your hands before. Use a spatula if you must use products that require dipping.

  • Keep your products out of the light, so stock them in a drawer. We know they look pretty on our sinks but we need to protect our favourite products.

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