Feb 7th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

How to remove make-up, the Lionne-approved way

How to remove make-up, the Lionne-approved way

Ask any skincare expert – our Skin Mentors included – for their non-negotiable skincare advice and they’ll no doubt recommend (alongside militant SPF-use, of course) that you never, ever forget to take your make-up off before you go to bed at night. Consider it a skincare fundamental. But how do you remove your make-up properly? Let’s get into it.

Why is make-up remover important?

Firstly, it's important to understand why it's just so vital to take your make-up off and we have a convincing case. Made up of mixtures of oils and powders, if make-up is left on too long, it can begin to clog pores and that’s a surefire shortcut to breakouts or blackheads. But also just think how much dirt and pollution accumulates on your face throughout the day. Removing your make-up (and thoroughly cleansing your skin) every evening is the best way to limit the harm of those potential skin aggressors.

When should you take your make-up off?

You should always take your make-up off before you climb into bed at night, but extra gold stars go to those that remember to do it the moment they walk through the door in the evening. That way you limit your skin’s exposure to the stuff and also give your night time routine extra time to kick into action.

What is the best make-up remover?

While you don’t necessarily need a product branded as a make-up remover, not just any only cleanser will do. Anyone that’s tried to remove heavy duty mascara with a flimsy cream cleanser can attest to that. The best make-up removers tend to be oils, balms or bi-phase cleansers: the oily texture enables them to melt down stubborn make-up. As you’ll use the product around the eyes, it’s also worth looking for formulas that are ophthalmologist-tested. And needless to say, we’d NEVER recommend face wipes.

Should you double cleanse?

We certainly think so. The first cleanse should be to strip back make-up and SPF, hence why a balm or oil is great. The second cleanse is to thoroughly rinse the pores, so you might prefer a foam, cream or gel formula here, depending on your skin type and Skin Mood™.

What is the best make-up remover?

Well, that depends on so many factors, from your skin concerns to your skin goals. To find out the best make-up remover to suit your unique skin and routine,

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