Apr 19th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

How to be more sustainable with your skincare regime ♻️

How to be more sustainable with your skincare regime ♻️

We’re all desperately looking for ways to be more sustainable in all corners of our life, including our bathrooms. But with reams of unnecessary packaging, confusing claims and an endless conveyor belt of new launches, it isn’t easy. Below, we share four key steps to take to up your eco beauty credentials.


This is the most important step you’ll ever take on the road to a more sustainable skincare regime. Where once jam-packed #shelfies were the height of luxury, we’ve learned that both the planet and our skin would thank us for paring things back.

Rather than investing in every hyped product Tiktok has to offer, it’s far better to shop smarter, not harder. And that’s Lion/ne’s very reason for being. We help you make informed skincare decisions, so you only ever buy products actually suited to your unique skin. Put it this way: it’s skincare that you’ll actually want to use ‘til the very last drop. No waste necessary. Click here to book a Holistic Skin Session today.


According to Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign for England, 90% of packaging gets recycled in our kitchen, but as for our bathroom? That figure drops to a measly 50%. Our advice? Place a dedicated recycling bin in your bathroom so you simply can’t forget. The only issue is, recycling beauty packaging can be a minefield, so it’s important to check what can (and can’t!) be recycled in your area and make sure you clean all containers properly before dropping them in the correct bin.


Like most industries, skincare isn't immune from its fair share of greenwashing.

Brand A might be using recycled plastic to house its products, but have you checked if its even recyclable? Brand B might say it uses 'natural' ingredients, but it could also be practicing unsustainable harvesting methods to source its ingredients. And what good is it that Brand C brings out a sustainable collection if the rest of the line is completely the opposite?

That’s why, as a consumer, it’s important to do your research and ask questions before you make a purchase. But if you do want help swerving the empty claims, Lion/ne’s Skin Mentors have a ton of sustainable beauty advice and recommendations up their sleeve. Just book a Holistic Skin Session to unlock it.


We hope by now face wipes are but a long and distant memory, but if you are missing that wiping action, stick to reusable muslin cloths and also stock up on a pile of reusable cotton pads. LastObject, the creator of the genius reusable Q-tip, has created LastRound, a pack of 7 reusable ‘cotton’ pads made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. You might also need to rethink your sheet mask addiction. Look for biodegradable versions you can throw in the compost post-use (Maskologist’s are made from plant biocellulose) or reusable silicone versions, like Nurse Jamie’s. While they’re only available in the US at present, Dieux’s reusable Forever Eye Masks can be used alongside your favourite serum or moisturiser.

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