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How to help your skin with a hormonal imbalance, according to Lionne’s Skin Mentors

How to help your skin with a hormonal imbalance, according to Lionne’s Skin Mentors

Dealing with topsy turvy hormone levels is rarely straightforward. Given that the human body is home to over 50 different types and figuring out which ones are playing up can be a minefield, it’s very tricky to give blanket advice that would work for every single person dealing with a hormone imbalance. That’s why we would never try.

But what we can do is shout about the hero tips, tricks and lifestyle shifts that we’ve seen work wonders on clients with hormonal skin. Seek our Skin Mentors’ top advice below and then fill in the blanks specific to your unique skin by booking a Holistic Skin Session asap.

Ksenia Recommends…

“There aren’t any miracle skincare products when it comes to targeting certain hormones as everything happens on a deeper level. In fact, it is impossible to control an internal inflammation or hormone increase or decrease with something that is topically applied. Therefore (and I know it sounds extremely basic) but my hero advice for decreasing adrenaline is to practice yoga. It really helps to decrease my stress levels and since I started practicing it two years ago, I’ve seen a big difference in my overall wellbeing.”

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Megan Recommends...

“I feel lucky that, at the moment, I am not triggered by my hormones during my cycle as often as I used to be. I have the Mirena IUD, so I find it really hard to track my cycle and know what is actually hormonal- vs. diet-related. That said, I am triggered by stress, which also impacts our hormones. I will get congestion usually around the jaw and also inflammation on my cheeks and chin due to my Rosacea. Meditation, as well as weekly therapy, has really helped to reduce my stress levels over time. But the products that I will always go back to are Clinisoothe, Exuviance’s Radiance serum (with mandelic acid), and the Inkey List C50 Blemish Serum. I apply the blemish serum as a spot treatment as the last step in my regime!”

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Karolina Recommends...

“When it comes to hormones, I think learning to understand your cycle is a really powerful tool to have. I love cycle tracking apps for this! It helps me predict when I might get breakouts and use ingredients like BHA before it happens to prevent or minimise them. I've also learned that my skin gets triggered by stress hormones too, so one of my hormone heroes is Ashwagandha. It's an adaptogenic powder that I add into warm oat or almond milk (with cinnamon and honey). It helps me feel more balanced and makes me feel less stressed!”

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Claudia Recommends...

“Hormonal changes can really affect the skin, in particular with breakouts which is what I have personally struggled with. To help rebalance hormonal changes that come with the menstrual cycle, I would really recommend trying to make sure the gut is supported through healthy digestion. This is because gastrointestinal issues can really contribute to hormonal imbalances (our gut is responsible for breaking down hormones!). I like to make sure I am incorporating fermented foods full of probiotics in my diet such as kefir, kombucha, and sauerkraut. I also supplement with probiotics which is a must for me!”

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