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Does ingestible beauty work?

Does ingestible beauty work?

As we get older, our bodies collagen production slows. What does that mean for the skin? Less glow, loss of plumpness, and signs of premature skin ageing. In this episode from our podcast, The Beauty Voice of Reason, Megan is joined by Anna Lahey, founder of the ingestible beauty brand Vida Glow to dive into the question, ‘Does ingestible beauty work?’ - and are they capable of giving us back the glow that we lose over the years?

Anna shares how she discovered collagen, its benefits, and how you can include this and other ingestible beauty solutions into your routine. Let’s put it this way, Megan (an ingestible skeptic) is now using Vida Glow in her daily routine. Let's see why...

Collagen is absolutely vital to our skin (it forms around 72% of the dry weight of the skin). Its main purpose is to help maintain the strength, resistance, and structural integrity of the skin.

As we begin to age, the collagen in our skin begins to deteriorate (did you know that from your mid-20s, your collagen levels begin to decrease. Yikes!). When collagen deteriorates, or when collagen is damaged by things like the sun, the structural integrity of the skin decreases. It is this decrease that causes fine lines and wrinkles.

In skincare, topical collagen is a good moisturising ingredient. But it is unable to penetrate the surface of the skin due to its large molecular size. When ingested, collagen is able to work on a deeper level, entering the bloodstream to improve overall skin health and boost decreasing collagen production.

A considerable number of research studies have been done on marine collagen. And skin professionals are beginning to come together behind collagen to purport its benefits. Marine collagen is absorbed up to one-and-a-half times more efficiently than collagen sourced from other animals. The lower the molecular weight of collagen, the easier collagen is to absorb. This means your body is able to gain the greatest possible results from the supplement. Collagen targets fine lines and wrinkles, promotes skin elasticity and firmness, as well as providing benefits for the nails and hair.

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Our Top Tips:

Collagen is good for treating: Not just your hair, skin, and nails; but also joint pain + bone health, alopecia, and osteoporosis. Not just a pretty face!

Does it matter which supplement you take? Delivery methods are so important! So, choose a collagen supplement with a low molecular weight, that has been carefully formulated and is backed by clinical evidence! It needs to be a very small molecular weight! If the molecular level is high, then the absorption levels will naturally be lower! So, you'll be wasting your money!

Anna’s tip: Don't try to take every supplement under the sun! The key to getting results is consistency. You do not get results unless you’re consistent. It’s like going to the gym or having a skincare regime. Using or doing something on a one-off basis is literally pointless!

Habit-building tips: 1. Start slow. 2. Stack your habits. For instance, add your collagen supplement to a glass or bottle of water. This will help you increase your daily water intake, as well as help you take your supplement. 3. It takes 21 days to build a habit. Be patient!

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