Mar 21st, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Here’s what to do if your skincare routine stops working

Here’s what to do if your skincare routine stops working

We’re sure you can relate: after years of trying, you finally land on the perfect skincare routine for you, with thanks to your Lion/ne Skin Mentor no doubt.

You look forward to layering up your serums every day, and you can’t believe the glow that shines back at you every time you look in the mirror. Until one day, it all changes. For some reason, your skin just doesn’t look the same anymore. But you haven’t changed a single thing about your routine. Could your products have stopped working?

Well, it’s hard to say. Yes, certain products do have a shelf-life, but if you’ve been using them regularly, it’s unlikely you’ll get anywhere near that expiration before you finish the entire bottle. What’s more likely is that your products haven’t changed at all, but rather – your skin has.

The thing about Skin Moods™

At Lion/ne, we like to think about our skin’s behaviours through the lens of Skin Moods™.

It’s a term we coined to better describe the fleeting nature of the skin, and how it can change almost instantly depending on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Feel a little more stressed? Had trouble sleeping? Weather changed? These are all things that can affect how your skin behaves.

The importance of follow-ups

It’s because of these continuous skin changes that we so fervently recommend booking in for regular follow-up Holistic Skin Sessions with your Skin Mentor.

When your skin behaves differently, the things it needs to operate at its best change too, which means you might need an entirely different routine, or to simply switch out one or two products.

In your follow-up session, your Skin Mentor will ask you all about the changes you’ve noticed and will update both your Skin Profile and recommended shopping list accordingly, helping you find products that you know will actually do exactly what you want them to.

Give it a few weeks, and your glow should certainly return!

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