Aug 1st, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Which Skin Course by Lionne is right for you?

Which Skin Course by Lionne is right for you?

If you’re keen to take your skincare know-how to the next level, to learn more about different skincare concerns and brush up your knowledge of key skin ingredients, then we have something that will definitely help: Skin Courses by Lionne.

Lionne’s brand new series of virtual courses, think of them like evening (or morning, or afternoon) classes, with content that’ll really benefit you and your complexion. Each one covers the basic fundamentals of that Skin Mood™, as well as the ingredients to use (and the ones to avoid) and the building blocks of an efficacious skincare routine. But which Skin Course by Lionne is right for you? Let’s work that out…

  • Want to learn the basics of good skincare? Book the FREE Skincare 101 Course.
  • Have red, irritable, sensitive skin? Book the Redness Course.
  • Have random breakouts or full-on blemishes? Book the Acne Course.
  • Want to get on top of age-related skin changes? Book the Ageing Course.
  • Want to deal with patchy, uneven skin tone? Book the Pigmentations Course.
  • Want to sail through pregnancy with glowing skin? Book the Pregnancy Course.

Still not sure which is right for you? Book a 25 minute Skin Check-In with a Lionne Skin Mentor today to work out your current Skin Mood™ and the best course for you.