Apr 25th, 2022 ・ Ksenia

Ksenia’s very simple guide to baby skincare

Ksenia’s very simple guide to baby skincare

Becoming a parent for the first time is particularly bewildering. Have I bought the right clothes? Do I have the right formula? And that’s before you get onto the topic of baby skincare. Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re not recommending setting your baby up on a full skincare routine, serums and all, from birth. But there are a few toiletry products you’ll want and need. I know I did. So below, let me offer some advice. First, I share baby skincare dos and don’ts, before I let you in on my favourite products to use on my own baby. 

1. DO buy skin care products directly from a pharmacy that you trust.

This is so important, especially in the early days. You don’t want to use anything too fragranced or that contains harmful ingredients. I know it’s tempting to buy that nice shower gel from that very cool brand but you’ll have time for that later on.

2. DON’T buy too much.

In the early days, you don’t need that much! Your baby doesn't need a proper skincare regime. I sometimes see baby face wipes and I’m absolutely outraged; they are not recommended for adults so why should they be for babies? Invest in a good shower gel, bath oil and body cream in the beginning and if possible, buy everything from the same brand to keep it simple.

3. Don’t get fooled by labels.

The best example is ‘clean’ beauty. In general, clean beauty means being free of any potentially harmful ingredients present in the product’s formulations. Unfortunately, this term is widely misused to sell products and often doesn’t really mean much.

4. Keep your body cream simple.

Since there will be a lot of skin to skin (especially if you’re breastfeeding) it’s important to avoid any type of cross-contamination with the baby. Make sure to exfoliate your skin after your baby's bedtime or nap to avoid getting the product on their skin while holding them. Make sure to use a very simple body moisturiser and don’t use it on your boobs if you’re breastfeeding to ensure that the baby recognises the smell!

My favourite baby skincare products 

Weleda Calendula Body Cream

I absolutely love the Calendula range from Weleda. It smells divine, it’s organic and natural, and the range was actually used in the hospital where I gave birth.  I know it sounds silly but one thing I love about this product is the dispenser, everytime I apply an amount in my hand it delivers the perfect amount. 

Dr Bronner's Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

I love this soap for bath time as it doesn't foam or bubble which is very practical when bathing a baby to ensure they don’t get any products in their eyes or mouth. The formulation is super simple and it leaves their skin hydrated as if it wasn’t already perfect.

  Weleda White Mallow Moisturiser

I know I said you didn’t need that much product BUT this moisturiser was recommended by my midwife. I apply it before going outside to protect my baby’s skin from the wind and the cold.