Feb 28th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Back to basics: What is a skincare routine?

Back to basics: What is a skincare routine?

Let’s take things back to the fundamentals. If you’re someone that’s never really stuck to (or even had!) a set skincare routine, you might be wondering: what exactly is the point? Is a skincare routine actually that important? It’ll come as no surprise to hear that we are major advocates for nailing the perfect skincare routine for you, and below, we share exactly why…

What is a skincare routine?

To put it simply, a skincare routine refers to the regular use of skincare products to care for the skin. You might have a single skincare routine, distinct AM and PM regimes, or a full arsenal of products that you pick and choose from every single day. And while every skincare regime will vary – more on that later – at a minimum, most routines will include a hydrator and a protector, i.e. SPF.

Why do you need a skincare routine?

Let’s not get it twisted: our skin is an extremely impressive organ. Without us even noticing, it performs several functions all at once in order to regulate itself and protect our internal organs. The problem isn’t the skin itself – it’s the rest of our environment.

Everything from our diet to our mood, sleep quality to stress levels, working lifestyle and geographic location affects how our skin functions, and not always in a positive way. From pollution to stress, there are many extrinsic factors affecting our skin at any one moment, and it's our skin’s job to try and fight them off. Problem is, that’s easier said than done.

So that’s where a skincare routine comes in. The regular and consistent use of efficacious products simply helps our skin do its job and maintain its optimum balance, even in the face of skin adversity.

Skincare products can boost hydration levels, repair a hindered skin barrier, speed up cell turnover, protect skin from damaging UV rays, and so much more. And while using skincare products will have aesthetic benefits (hello, glow), they’re just as important for skin health and strength.

What’s the best skincare routine?

Good question! But unfortunately, there’s no real answer.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach here at Lion/ne; our faces are far too unique for that. Instead, we dole out bespoke skincare advice alongside unbiased product recommendations tailored to your unique skin.

That means, the best skincare routine for you will completely differ from that of your best friend (or sister, or mum, or favourite influencer…) and how many different steps you use will be personal to you, too.

To find the ultimate skincare regime to suit you and your skin, book a Holistic Skin Session with one of our trained Skin Mentors today!