Jul 11th, 2022 ・ Shannon Peter

Are you dealing with a serious case of summer skin?

Are you dealing with a serious case of summer skin?

Welcome to Summer. The season of sun, sea, Sangria and a few less favourable skin shifts. In the sunnier months, our skin has a whole host of new factors to contend with, each powerful enough to completely change our Skin Mood. The key? Well, first knowing the summer skin problems and changes to expect – exactly what we cover below – and then building a promising plan-of-action to stay one step ahead of them, something made possible by booking in for a virtual Holistic Skin Session with one of our expert Skin Mentors.


Depending on your location, humidity level tends to rise throughout the summer. The good news? High humidity levels mean skin keeps a percentage of water for longer periods of time, consequently allowing for better enzyme activity function (yay!). However, humid environments are more likely to host harmful bacteria that can then lead to acne, breakouts and congestion. Not so fun.


As the temperature rises, so does the oil production in our skin, as our sebaceous glands become more active. More than that, the oil in our skin tends to become runnier and can become more noticeable. Cue shiny skin.


Pollution affects the outer layer of the skin no matter what time of the year. However, in summer, because of the humidity and high temperatures, our skin is more vulnerable, and allows pollution to easily pass through it. This can inflame the skin barrier and lead to trickier issues in time.

UV Light

In the summer, UV rays are much stronger and can cause dramatic damage to the skin. In fact, sun exposure breaks down hyaluronic acid, damages blood vessels, damages DNA and also tends to trigger the overproduction of melanin, which can lead to dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

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