Dec 12th, 2019 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

AOFM "Clean Living" Panel

AOFM "Clean Living" Panel

What does clean beauty mean to you?

This is a tricky one because there isn’t a proper definition of clean beauty, therefore my definition is a complete interpretation! Clean beauty to me encompasses skincare and makeup products that are free of any possible irritants for the skin, but also products that are not ‘irritating’ for the planet. It means a product that is ‘free’ of something rather than a natural product. For example, Drunk Elephant even if they are not a ‘natural’ product, can be referred to as clean - some would disagree but this is my personal definition.

What do you think is necessary to implement greater sustainability in life?

For me it is really through education that we can incorporate sustainability. If you are interested in making a change in your life, I highly recommend reading different books, watch different documentaries, speak to others that are interested in sustainability...because it is by educating yourself that you will be implement sustainability into your life.

Educate others! Younger generations are the ones that will unfortunately have to deal with the urgency of finding solutions for our planet. Educate them, show them the right way to be sustainable so that it is implemented from a very young age.

What’s your pro tip for having a more holistic approach to our lifestyles?

Holistic in my definition, is a sort of 360° approach to beauty; encompassing the mind, the gut and the skin. Through those 3 main themes, you need to find what makes you happy and what makes more sense for you- find a balance. I know it sounds complicated!

Let’s take me for example, I calm my mind and become more aware through yoga, I try to eat vegetarian as much as possible for myself and the planet. However, from time to time I don’t restrict myself from other meals. I’m slowly shifting to more natural and organic products because it makes sense for myself but also for my skin. That said, no I wouldn't say no to a product that would be able to erase my pimples! It’s all about finding the right balance for you!

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