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An indepth look at Megan and Ksenia’s bodycare routines

An indepth look at Megan and Ksenia’s bodycare routines

Ksenia’s Routine

My body routine is way more advanced since I got pregnant as I have to care for my skin even more than before. Pampering my belly has become my number one priority! Even though stretch marks are mostly genetic, it’s still important to me to try to incorporate key ingredients and massages in my routine to try to limit them as much as possible, although to be honest, I do love how my body is changing through my pregnancy. I started to notice that my skin is getting more and more stretched and that If I don't apply an oil or a moisturiser after showering it feels very tense. I’ve also noticed that my skin is getting drier quicker so using balms here and there helps also to relieve any skin tensions.

In the shower

At the moment, I use lots of Weleda products just because they are natural and as I am applying them every single day I want to make sure that they are safe for my skin (and my baby). Not to mention that body washes that contain perfumes and other fragrances can strip the skin even more of its vital nutrients. Therefore, I use the Weleda Gentle Almond Cleanser which is very creamy and non-foaming, I sometimes use a muslin cloth with it, especially after a long day outside as I find it very tricky to remove my mineral sunscreen with just my hands. Then, from time to time throughout the week I use the Weleda Pearl Scrub. I’m quite rigorous when scrubbing my elbows, knees and legs but very gently on my chest and belly.

In the bath

I am obsessed with epsom salt! I get 2kg of the magnesium one every month from Whole Foods and after a long day, it feels amazing. I also love the bath oils from Dr Haushka (the rose one is so nice) and Susanne Kauffman. I pick and choose the scent depending on my mood and how I feel and sometimes before getting in the bath, I use a dry brush on my body!


Once I finish my shower or my bath, I gently pad my skin dry (yes, that's also important on your body!) Right now, I am loving the Agent Nateur Ageless Body Serum. It smells so good and layers really well with a moisturiser. And yes again, I am layering a ‘serum’ and a ‘moisturiser’ on my body, too! Why? Oils are great applied directly on the skin, I massage them especially on my boobs, belly and butt to the point where sometimes it gives me a mini arm workout. To seal in the oil, because I don't like the feeling of greasiness, I apply a body cream straight after. At the moment, I am using the Weleda Almond Body Cream which I love but I also love love the Korres body creams. They are so cream,  nourishing and yet refreshing on the skin. In the morning I keep it more simply, I use the Weleda Pregnancy Oil on my belly, thighs, butt and chest and the Weleda body cream on my arms and legs. I like this oil in the morning as it is not strongly scented and sinks into the skin super easily. I used to finish with a spritz of my perfume on my body, but now I only use it on my clothes and that's it – I'm all layered for the day!

Megan’s bodycare routine

In the shower

Sadly, I don't have a bath so the shower is my only option at the moment. I am big on smells when it comes to my bodycare, as I really can't have as much fun with them when it comes to facial skincare due to my Rosacea. I am using a combination of REN body products and Aurelia at the moment. But I also have a Molton Brown wash as well for nights out to get some lovely fragrance in; I apply the Coastal Cypress & Sea FenneI just to my shoulders and neck for the scent. I have dry skin on my body and so I am currently using Aurelia's Restorative Cream Body Wash to avoid stripping the skin. Twice a week I will use the REN Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub but only just before bed, as it does leave a little layer of oil on the skin that is not nice if you are putting jeans on! I use an exfoliating mitt from Amazon a few times per week and will use this with the REN scrub for deeper exfoliation.

After the shower

I actually keep my body lotions in the shower, as if my body gets too dry it immediately feels uncomfortable and tight. This is a trick my mom taught me, it also just makes things a bit easier having it all in one place. I will either go straight in with my very basic Lubriderm, I love this so much that I bring Costco-sized bottled over from America or I will give my body and extra treat and go for the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Body Lotion – I recommend this one ALL the time to clients. It is an amazing texture and goes straight into the skin. Three to four times a week I will take things a step further and use a body serum before the cream, either the REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum or the Aurelia Firm & Replenish Body Serum! Both give my skin and extra shine for dress season.

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