Aug 16th, 2020 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

50s - Embrace your Skin

50s - Embrace your Skin

Your 50s is the moment of acceptance. Now that you reached this age, natural changes in your skin have already occurred such as fine lines & wrinkles as well as a change in the structural density of the skin, therefore it is more about protecting and maintaining your skin. Overnight miracle products promising you a baby skin the next morning don't exist, this is why you need to embrace your skin and continue cocooning it.

Most of the people at this age will experience dryness and dehydration in terms of secretion changes but also pigmentation problems. We saw that with Megan in our consultation that this becomes the predominant skin condition that everyone tries to reverse and tackle down. Therefore, including smart ingredients and very well-formulated products are essential! Having said that, don’t waste too much of your time and money as (unfortunately) this will not ensure to “change” your skin but just “maintain it”.


****50% Stimulation

Stimulation should be key at this point! The desquamation process, or the shedding of our skin, is a process occurring naturally in our skin. In normal young skin, the keratinocyte life cycle takes between 28-31 days. Unfortunately, as we age and also depending on our lifestyle choices or skincare regime this process slows down. In older skin, for example, it may take up a single cell to 60 days to progress through its full life cycle. Because the skin takes more time to regenerate it will automatically impact the texture of the skin causing sluggishness & dullness due to the build-up of dead skin cells impacting the epidermal healing capacity.

****30% Nourishment

In your 50s, this is the time to focus on adding hydrating ingredients in addition to collagen-boosting ingredients. These ingredients may include ceramides, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil. As we age, skin loses its ability to trap moisture, so it gets dehydrated much more easily than it did in decades past.

****20% Protection

Although protection is not as well represented in this graph as it has to be no matter what 100%. We just assume that since you are already protecting your skin with antioxidants and sunscreen this is simply a sweet reminder!


The focus in your 50s is to maintain the health of the skin, continue protecting it, and simulating it. This doesn’t mean that your skincare regime should have 20 products morning and evening! This simply means that your skincare product formulation will be more potent, containing boosting and simulating ingredients to ensure that your skincare regime makes sense from the cleanser to the moisturizer.

This is also the moment where you HAVE to invest in cosmeceutical products as they will be more potent and deliver better results than other products. But that just us, of course, it will depend on your lifestyle, budget, and beliefs. With our consultation, you’ll have the knowledge to make your own decisions about your skin as well as detailed recommendations based on understanding, not hype