Sep 15th, 2020 ・ KSENIA SELIVANOVA

40s - Precision is Key

40s - Precision is Key

The skin story is not the most exciting one as at the age of 25 everything starts to collapse - It’s like reading a book where you can guess the ending straight away. Therefore, the ageing process continues and changes occurring on the top surface of the skin as well as deep beneath are just continuing enhancing texture & structure problems. More than that, while you feel that acne is a thing of the past, 43% of women experiencing this skin condition are in their 40s!

While in the past decennies, the products should be used principally based on its formulation, in your 40s it is super important to match your skin with the right product in terms of all aspects: texture, formulation, ingredients potency etc. This is the moment where making smart choices by creating a skincare regime where all products work hand in hand to fight signs of ageing is crucial.


****50% Stimulation

In your 40s, it is a good time to start introducing more active ingredients into your regime, like retinol and Vitamin CTopical antioxidants (Vitamin A & C) will help with the cell regeneration of the skin. It is important at this point to focus on the potency and strength of your serums to ensure that they are properly responding to your needs! Having said that, be extra careful and listen to your skin - people tend to overuse certain ingredients to then discover that they have been compromising their skin.

****30% Nourishment

At this age, the skin hydration level starts to drop so does the lipid content of the skin ,making the skin more dry than usual. This is the time to introduce super packed moisturiser to ensure that skin is stimulated but also nourished. Collagen-boosting ingredients like peptides will help to tip the balance in favour of collagen production rather than collagen destruction.

****20% Protection

Although protection is not as well represented in this graph as it has to be no matter what 100%. We just assume that since you are already protecting your skin with antioxidants and sunscreen this is simply a sweet reminder!


The focus in this decade is to establish a routine based on changes that are occurring within the skin. Remember to listen to your skin! If active ingredients are too strong and sting the skin, then reduce your usage and/or buffer by diluting the ingredients.

It is crucial to have an independent party looking at your regime to ensure that you are not over-stripping or stimulating the skin with your current ingredients and provide a thorough list of tips and product recommendations tailored to your needs and not simply because a product says “anti-ageing”. Make sure to look at our booking page where you can select the right consultant for your needs! There is someone for everyone


  • Gentle cleanser

  • Hydrating Serum

  • Antioxidant Serum

  • Moisturiser

  • Sunscreen


  • Make-up remover

  • Gentle cleanser

  • 3-4 x per week exfoliant

  • Potent Hydrating serum

  • Treatment serum

  • Moisturiser

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