Aug 14th, 2020 ・ Megan Felton

30s - The Fall of the Peak (snif)

30s - The Fall of the Peak (snif)

Your 30s is the decade where your skin starts slowly to change in terms of structure and texture. Lines & wrinkles are more visible and so is pigmentation due to past high sun exposure. The skin starts to slowly sag ( I know... not very glamorous ) due to the dermis going through some changes and losing a little collagen and elastin.

At this age, it is important to start incorporating stimulating and regenerating ingredients to ensure that key proteins and cells are receiving a little kick to function at the right pace! More than that, since the texture of the skin goes through some changes too it is important to start incorporating targeted treatments to work a little bit deeper on certain areas of the skin or tackle down some stubborn skin moods™.


****30% Stimulation

Stimulation and regeneration should be part of your skincare regime. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin with chemical exfoliants from time to time on your skin at night. The choice of the chemical exfoliant will depend on your skin profile! It is also the perfect time to start including deeper boosters such as retinol that will help to boost cellular regeneration on a deeper level. Having said that it doesn't mean that suddenly you have to introduce everything and use it daily!

****30% Nourishment

As your skin starts to lose hyaluronic acid, it is important to focus on hydration. This is the perfect moment to introduce and invest in a more potent hydrating serum to ensure that the skin is fully hydrated.

****40% Protection

Although protection is not well represented in this graph as it should be... Protection always has to be 100% no matter what. We just assume that since you are already protecting your skin with antioxidants and sunscreen this is simply a sweet reminder!


Don’t forget that your “30s skincare regime” will completely depend on what YOUR skin needs. In, fact, depending on your lifestyle choices and past skin experiences the structure and texture of your skin might be completely different from someone else entering this decade! Therefore, assessing your skin profile is essential to really determine what your skin needs. A deep-dive into your skin and its needs is absolutely essential to determine your skin profile. We provide a holistic chat to give you honest, impartial advice about your skin.

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