Aug 13th, 2020 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

20s - Establish a Healthy Routine

20s - Establish a Healthy Routine

Our skin starts to age at the ripe age of 25 years old, yes we know that is a really hard pill to swallow - but don’t worry, we have all been there! In this decade, it is super important to start working on skin health and focus on preventing premature aging. Protecting your skin and designing a skincare regime that works for YOUR skin needs/moods is critical to ensure that your skin ages at the right pace.

An unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet choices, and inappropriate/lack of skincare regime will quite simply make your age skin faster. You might not notice the impact straight away, but these changes are taking place at a deeper level within your skin - where everything slowly breaks down. The effects of your 20s will start to appear at the top surface of your skin in your early 30s onward, generally speaking. Please note that genetics and environment will always play a role in this, that is out of our control. But what we can control is our lifestyle, diet, and skincare regime!


**** 10% Stimulation

Stimulation of the skin will depend completely on your skin type, condition and mood. Generally speaking, it is good to start exfoliating slightly your skin from time to time as well as working on cellular regeneration. However, this shouldn’t be a priority in your skincare regime, simply a “maintenance” step.

**** 30% Nourishment

This is also the time where the skin will start to speak more and show different moods such as congestion, dehydration etc. Therefore, making sure that the skin receives the right nutrients is essential to maintain a healthy barrier function. Remember that a sensitive, compromised barrier function will let pass easier unwanted substances and evaporate more water which will lower the guard of protection allowing free radicals to deplete the skin.

**** 60% Protection

Protecting the skin is still essential with sunscreen but also with antioxidants!


At this age, you need to take into account absolutely everything such as your location, diet, hydration levels, work environment, skin profile and not just skin type to determine what exactly your skincare regime should look like. If this sounds too overwhelming or you have no idea where to start we are here for that! Our solution online consultation is the perfect way to know exactly what your skin needs. GENERALLY speaking those are the steps needed

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