Aug 12th, 2020 ・ Ksenia Selivanova

10 years old - The Golden Age

10 years old - The Golden Age

At this age, the skin looks plump as ever. Collagen and elastin are at their highest level in the skin. These skin proteins are the reason that we are always admiring those plump cheeks. Kids at this age rarely experience skin “moods,” which means that their skin is healthy and calm.


**** 0% Stimulation

At this age, skin doesn't need to be stimulated since it is working at its full potential. Therefore, exfoliating the skin and stimulating cellular regeneration is absolutely not necessary. On the contrary, not recommended as the skin at this age is more sensitive and thin.

**** 30% Nourishment

Creating an occlusive barrier with emollient in the skin can help your children to protect their skin especially in winter!

**** 70% Protection

Did you know that sunburns during childhood are strongly associated with development of melanoma in later life? Protecting the skin of children is absolutely essential in their early age. Especially in their everyday life, not only on holidays! Therefore, make sure that your child wears SPF daily in summer, especially if they are planning to be outside for the day.


Therefore, only a simple skincare routine is needed! Note that we haven’t talked about “teenage” skin, which in some cases can be problematic and therefore requires a more tailored and personalised skincare regimen. Our consultations are also the perfect way to build healthy habits for your skin no matter what skincare concern or what age you or your loved one is!

  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Super duper simple hydrating moisturiser
  • SPF

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