May 17th, 2021 ・ Season 2 Episode 5

This podcast will encourage you to seek expert skin help

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This podcast will encourage you to seek expert skin help

This week on The Skinterview, Megan is joined by her fairy godmother – Pamela Marshall from Mortar & Milk, a Bespoke Facial Skin Clinic in London. In the episode, the pair not only unpack why Exuviance and Neostrata are two of their most-recommended brands and explain why PHAs are some of her favourite skincare ingredients, you can also expect to take away these three key learnings:

You’ll find out some surprising factors that could be affecting your skin

From the way you remove your cleanser to the type or shampoo and conditioner you use to the accessories you pop on in the morning, Pamela highlights some of the most surprising daily habits that could be having an impact on your skin. Problem is, these small behaviours are seemingly harmless to the untrained eye, so detecting them for yourself is pretty much impossible. As well as sharing some practical tips, the conversation proves why seeking expert skincare help is so valuable, which leads us nicely on to…

You’ll understand why consultation is everything

You just need to read our Trustpilot ratings to understand the value of our Holistic Skin Sessions, but in this podcast, Megan and Pamela dig a little deeper on the importance of skin consultations, whether that’s pre-treatment at Mortar & Milk or routine-based like our services. “You cannot help someone with their skin if you don’t understand what’s going on in their life, what they’re using on their skin, their lifestyle, what they eat, how they sleep,” Pamela explains. Like Pamela, we take a wholly holistic approach that accounts for everything from skin concerns to goals, diet to sleep and so much more.

You’ll appreciate why your ‘skin type’ is just 10% of your skin story

Like us, Pam doesn’t subscribe to the idea of skin types. “We have created an environment over the years of putting people into skincare boxes,” she says. “Everyone is some level of dehydrated, they’re on the spectrum.” That’s exactly why we coined the term Skin Mood™, a phrase that describes how your skin is at the moment, acknowledging that there’s a whole lot of extrinsic factors working to change its status every second of every day. Listen to the full episode now to find out more!