May 6th, 2021 ・ Season 2 Episode 3

This podcast will keep your finger on the beauty pulse

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This podcast will keep your finger on the beauty pulse

For this week’s episode of The Skinterview, Megan invited Sarah Coonan, Liberty London’s Buying Director (dream job, anyone?) to unpack some of the season’s most interesting new beauty trends, share their lists of incredible brands to watch and talk about the products and rituals that got them through lockdown.

Here’s three reasons to listen now:

You’ll learn about all the new beauty trends set to be big this spring

It’s a big part of Sarah’s job to keep her finger on the pulse on all the latest and most exciting beauty trends but as a massive beauty lover, it’s hardly a chore. In the episode, her and Megan unpack some of the trends they’ve noticed rising the ranks post lockdown as well as the brands and products driving the trend: expect to come away feeling inspired. And if a particular trend does pique your interest? Before you invest, book in for a Holistic Skin Session to find out if it’s right for you and your skin.

You’ll hear about the revolutionary new skin device Sarah truly rates

With spas, clinics and salons shut for the best part of last year, so many of us have taken our facials into our own hands, stocking up on hi tech skin devices. But which are worth their often eye watering price tags? Sarah rates one device in particular. “It is just the most amazing results. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Particularly on 11s lines - exceptional! I noticed instant results after the first two and three uses.” Want to know which device she’s talking about? Tune in to find out.

You’ll find out about the one brand Sarah believes everyone should watch

Throughout the episode, Sarah name drops multiple brands she believes are changing the face of beauty but there’s one new skincare brand she rates so much, she snapped up their products to stock at Liberty a few months ago. “It’s the most incredible brand, the products are incredible and the founder has a really unique ethos. She has fused mindfulness and skincare together. It’s a really beautiful brand that’s very of the moment.” Sound intriguing? Then get your notepad at the ready.