Apr 30th, 2021 ・ Season 2 Episode 2

This podcast will change the way you think and feel about skin ageing

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This podcast will change the way you think and feel about skin ageing

Skin ageing is a tricky subject. Not only is it wrapped in restrictive beauty ideals and centuries’ worth of social conditioning, it’s also bound by a whole host of skin myths. Despite what that tub of moisturiser might promise, there’s very little we can do to halt the ageing process entirely. But there are actionable steps we can take to keep our skin at top strength, no matter how old it is.

Given that the topic is so complicated, we knew it was prime subject matter to kick off series two of our podcast, The Skinterview. To discuss it? Ksenia invited Grace Coburn, Elemis brand ambassador to join her on the virtual sofa.

Not only is Elemis one of the most established British skincare brands out there, it’s also a leading light in the world of supporting skin through the entire ageing process. In the episode, Ksenia unboxes some of the brand’s most iconic formulas, while the pair also shed some light on many confusing corners of the ageing conversation.

Here’s the three biggest learnings you can expect to take away from the episode:

1) You’ll develop a more refreshing idea around skin ageing

As co-founder Ksenia puts it: “ageing is a process we should be proud of, not something we fear.” It’s something to be celebrated and it means things are moving in the right direction. But what does that mean for skin? In the episode, Grace explains the unique approach Elemis takes, something they’ve dubbed Positive Ageing. Put simply, it’s about placing skin health above all other priorities and helping skin to work at its optimum, even if Mother Nature is desperately trying to slow it down. Coincidentally, it’s the very same approach we take in our Holistic Skin Sessions

2) You’ll better understand how skin behaviour changes over time

Wouldn’t it be so easy if we could stick with the same skincare routine for life? Unfortunately, skin just doesn’t work like that. Like Lion/ne, Elemis takes a more holistic approach to skincare, encouraging users to get familiar with their skin and track any changes they might spot caused by external factors like hormonal changes, changes in medication, changes in lifestyle, plus, changes in age. As we get older, the skin starts to function differently and we see a loss in things like skin strength, density, tone and elasticity. That’s why we thoroughly recommend booking regular skin assessments; by working with your Skin Mentor, you can swap formulas in and out depending on how your skin is evolving.

3) You’ll learn what factors of skin ageing you can actually slow down

Some elements of the skin ageing process are inevitable, but others – also known as extrinsic factors – can be controlled. That’s because they’re caused by external influences, namely free radicals found in UV rays and pollution. By protecting skin against these harmful aggressors (and avoiding them where possible) you can actually slow down their impact. Want to know how? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast for that!