Mar 9th, 2021 ・ Season 1 Episode 9

Glowing Skincare, Exploring the Journey and Success of a Skincare Entrepreneur with Pestle & Mortar's Sona Deasey

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Glowing Skincare, Exploring the Journey and Success of a Skincare Entrepreneur with Pestle & Mortar's Sona Deasey

These days, the skincare industry is full of so many incredible independent brands. The problem is: with so many brands and so little shelf-space, standing out is harder than ever before. But somehow, Pestle & Mortar is one beauty company that manages to cut through the noise.

Megan is a big fan of the brand – if you’re a long-time Lion/ne fan, that’ll come as no surprise – so for episode 9 of our podcast, The Skinterview, she asked founder Sonia Deasey to join her to talk all things glowing skin, as well as to walk us through her fascinating journey as a skincare entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for a little skincare intel, here are three very good reasons why you need to add the episode to your Spotify queue right now.

1. You’ll learn about battling dullness

Fun fact: Pestle & Mortar was inspired by Sonia’s experiences in her husband’s photographic studio. She’d observe and examine the skin as it appeared through the harsh camera lens and it made her notice just how universal issues of dehydration, tiredness and lack of glow really are. So what did she do? She made a brand focused on solving it.

2. You’ll stop tolerating bad products

Be honest, how many skincare products do you continue to use even though you hate the way they feel? “There’s this misconception that you can’t find skincare that feels amazing,” Megan explains. “Even with the tingling or burning sensation, people think that it means that it must be working.” But good news: you don’t have to settle. Let this episode (in which Megan unboxes some of the best Pestle & Mortar formulas) be proof of that.

3. You’ll learn a very simple trick for testing how well your skincare sinks in

Sonia isn’t afraid to admit that she’s fussy. But it’s this intense scrutiny that has enabled her to develop elite products including Megan’s beloved favourite, the Pure Hyaluronic Serum. In the chat, Sonia shares the test she always turns to when trying to figure out if a hydrating formula has actually soaked into the skin or not. It’s ridiculously simple, so we have no doubt you’ll be trialing all your own serums in the very same way.