Mar 11th, 2021 ・ Season 1 Episode 11

The Key Allies In Your Skincare Regime - Exploring Potent Antioxidants and Intelligent Nutrients

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The Key Allies In Your Skincare Regime - Exploring Potent Antioxidants and Intelligent Nutrients

Have you listened to our podcast The Skinterview yet? We like to think of it as a podcast made for the skin curious, taking you behind the big velvet curtain of the skincare industry.

How do we do that? Well, we invite experts from the biggest beauty brands to join us on the virtual Lion/ne couch for an open, honest conversation on the topics that really matter. We talk brand stories and founder journeys, but also bust time-old beauty myths, demystify confusing skincare concepts and share unbiased reviews on key products.

This week’s episode is a particularly fascinating one. Megan was joined by Nicolas Travis, founder of results-driven skincare brand Allies of Skin to talk about key skincare pillars, powerful skin ingredients, routine streamlining and so much more. Here’s three things you can expect to takeaway in just 74 minutes...

1. You’ll learn how to accomplish more with less Nicolas and Lion/ne have a shared aspiration: we both want to teach skincare users like you how to raise your skincare expectations. That doesn’t mean using more. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We firmly believe that if you shop well (did you know we offer comprehensive skin shopping lists tailored to you?), you can streamline your routine but get more out of it. In this episode, both Megan and Nicolas share some brilliant tips and intel to start you on this journey.

2. You’ll figure out which ingredients are your biggest ‘skin allies’

The best skincare routines are full of ingredients that work with the skin, rather than against it. High up on that list? Potent antioxidants and intelligent skin nutrients. But what do these terms actually mean? Where can you find these ingredients? And how do you use them? You may feel clueless right now, but this podcast condenses all the need-to-know information into digestible advice. Prepare to take notes.

3. You’ll learn why Allies of Skin products are worth the price tag

We understand why you might raise a skeptical eyebrow when you see a product that costs more than a three course dinner at a fancy restaurant (remember those?!). Having inside intel on product mark-ups, we often feel the same. But that’s where the ‘Unboxing’ portion of the episode comes in. With her discerning eye for brilliant skincare, Megan unboxes three of Allies of Skin’s most popular formulas to find out how the brand spends every single penny of the price tag. Want to know if products like the Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial are worth the investment? Tune in.