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Lionne will change your skin – and the way you feel about it. But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is..


“For those who want a little more guidance, it’s worth seeking out the advice of skincare consultancy Lionne”

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“Lionne is your skincare confidante: no bias, no filters, no fuss.”

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“Enter Lionne, an unbiased skincare consultancy run by two women who want to cut through the confusion in beauty”

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I cannot recommend this consultation enough. I had realized that I was not taking good care of my skin and was trying to figure out what to do about it, but was lost in the sea of options. Ksenia was super helpful, the questionnaire and the consultat...

Maria Agustina Sclarandi

It was easy to book and the team were very responsive by email. I worked with Megan and was delighted with the experience. She listened to my needs and was able to recommend a simple skin care regime that was within my budget. There was no pressure t...


Great experience at my consultation. Detailed explanation of what was going on with my skin and what I needed to add to my routine to combat it. Will definitely be coming back!

Navi Ahluwalia

My consultation with Megan was fantastic and my skin has really improved! After a few years really struggling with my skin and with very inconsistent skincare, I was recommended to see Megan at Lionne by a friend at work. I had a consultation with Me...

Ella M

My experience with Megan was amazing! I never really had a skincare regime pre my consultation and was wasting money on trendy products that weren’t necessarily right for my skin. I was experiencing contact dermatitis and enzema. I have not had any f...

Catharine Miller

Amazing experience with Megan - she was super friendly and helpful and gave me loads of tips, felt like i learned a lot in the hour! Thank you so much

Alicia Newman

I had a consultation with Lionne after a year of being confused by my skin and googling a million products, I’m happy to share that I finally feel like my skin feels like mine again after following their suggestions for a couple of weeks now! Really ...

Sheryn Akiki

My consultation with Megan was so so helpful and I would highly recommend booking yourself in. It was like chatting to a friend who was so knowledgable but made it all so simple. I have suffered with hormonal acne for a number of years and marking af...

Charlotte Parkinson

Do yourself a favour and book in an appointment with Lionne! I've spent my entire life being bounced around dermatologists and trying to find makeup and treatments that works for my nightmare skin. Lionne provided a relaxing experience, educating me ...

Imogen Bunyard

I first saw the Lionne team a year ago and was blown away by the professionalism of their service. Ksenia took the time to go through every details of my lifestyle that could be affecting my skin and my current routine. Ksenia’s advice was thoughtf...


It has been a few months since I had my first skin consultation and I am really impressed so far, and it’s just what I needed! Last summer i struggled with really bad acne out of nowhere. I ended up taking a prescribed cream, but needed something to ...

Rachel Garden

I was so impressed with the whole Lionne experience from start to finish. The state of my skin had really started to affect my mood and anxiety, and Lionne really offered a safe space for me to just voice all these concerns. My consultant Megan liste...

Sophie Laura

A fantastic service! I did a zoomed call which did not affect in any way the wonderful customer service. I was given great advice on products to suit my budget and skin condition. I would really recommend this company and what a brilliant gift this p...


Had 2 consultations 10 months and both were amazingly insightful! My skin had changed a lot during that time and they helped me change to more suitable products. Highly recommend!!

Heinin Zhang

Ksenia was a fantastic consultant, really listened to me and understood exactly what I wanted. She was understanding and very patient with a skincare newbie! Really appreciated how they took my budget into consideration too, could not recommend enoug...


It has taken me over year to write a review as I really wanted to wait until I had long-term noticable changes with my skin that I could write about. I was introuduced to Lionne by a friend as I have always struggled with dry, red (rosacea prone) ski...

Caroline Knowles

They honestly transformed my skin! My skin was going through a rough patch of extreme breakouts and I tried everything. I heard about Lionne and loved their approach! I enjoyed speaking to Ksenia and was sooo impressed by the report she sent me! So h...


Loved my consultation with Claudia, she was so informative and knowledgable about skin health. I learnt so many new things about my skin and they recommended some amazing products for me! Would definitely recommend this service if you are confused ab...


The expert advice from Lionne was a real game changer for me. I feel way more confident about my skin care regime now and know who to turn to if I have any issues. Highly recommend it!

Agathe Kn

SO helpful! Meghan was so knowledgable and really helped me get my skin back on track. The information and shopping list was just what I needed and really saw the effects of keeping to a good routine!

Loren Stuart

My consultations with the super professional and friendly Megan have transformed my skin in terms of ageing and most noticeably rosacea. Megan's knowledge and expertise is phenomenal and the bespoke and cost effective regimes she has put together for...

Katie Lancaster

Claudia was so helpful in identifying products I am using that are not benefiting my skin. She spoke to me about ingredients that would be better to achieve the results I am looking for. Highly recommend this experience! I am excited to follow up and...


Skin is something I feel I should know more about, but didn’t know where to start - lione did this for me in a way I know I can trust their recommendations from a fun and extremely thorough consultation. Would recommended the experience to anyone 😊�...

Olivia Milligan

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