Good question! Before your session with your assigned Skin Mentor, we’ll ask you to submit a few photos. Don’t worry – phone selfies are fine, we just advise standing in natural light and taking a picture from three different angles: one of the right side of the face, one of the left and one from the front.

These images will enable your Skin Mentor to begin to analyse your skin and flag any key areas to discuss.

Our Skin Mentors take a holistic approach and are trained to ask specific questions around how the skin feels as well as recognise small details from photos in order to make a comprehensive skin assessment of the skin. Just like a nutritionist doesn’t need to see your insides to figure out dietary recommendations, there are other ways to garner a firm understanding the skin – and that’s exactly what we do!

Our Skin Mentors are graduates of our unique and intensive training programme, so they are super well equipped to assess your skin and design your ideal skincare regime.

Skincare is not one size fits all and your regime should not be static, but should change just like the seasons! That’s why our Skin Mentors not only help to build your foundation routine, but will also be there to guide you along your entire skincare journey.

We don’t love the term ‘expert’. It’s thrown around ALOT in the beauty industry and is particularly ambiguous (like a lot of beauty marketing jargon!).

That said, our Skin Mentors are pretty impressive. Before joining Lion/ne, they take an 8 week intensive training course designed by us and certified by BABTAC. It covers everything, from skin science, the impact of lifestyle and diet, how to complete a holistic skin assessment and so much more. Naturally, they’re required to pass all module quizzes and conduct additional skin session training.

To learn more about our Skin Mentor training or to enquire about becoming a certified Lion/ne Skin Mentor yourself, click here.

This is important to note: our Skin Mentors do not receive commission on skincare products, so you can rest assured that all their recommendations are completely impartial and made to suit your budget, lifestyle and overall vibe!

They’re also more than happy to take into account any causes that you would like to support, whether you’re into female founded brands, Black-owned beauty brands, or anything else.

Don’t worry: Skin Mentors don’t pluck their recommendations from thin air, nor will they just regurgitate the contents of their own bathroom cabinet. Instead, they take into account your skin history, lifestyle, diet, daily habits, current skincare regime and all the information they gathered during your initial and check-in Holistic Skin Sessions.

They also have access to our database of Lion/ne approved products to build skincare recommendations.

Unlike a retailer, Lion/ne does not stock products. We also do not receive wholesale rates, but instead buy directly from retailers that offer you the most reliable delivery service and price. Because we’re not tied to any brands or retailers, our recommendations remain completely impartial.

Nope! Lion/ne is an independent skincare consultancy. We recommend other brands and are not paid to promote anything.

Every single product is recommended with YOU in mind; we put your skin needs first, not commission. We recommend products from our database of over 150+ Lion/ne-approved brands and the way we work with them is simply through affiliation links. That means that we receive around 5-8% of the price of any product purchased through our platform. The money goes to the Lion/ne business to help us further our industry-changing mission, not to your assigned Skin Mentor, so you can rest assured that their recommendations remain unbiased.

You can easily redeem your gift card at the checkout when you book in for your Skin Session by simply entering the code as you complete your transaction. If you would like to purchase a gift card, click here. For any concerns or questions regarding gift cards you can also email hello@lionne.co

We’re your full service skincare support system, so we’re totally willing to make alternative recommendations if you are not satisfied with your Lion/ne Skin Profile and Shopping List. Unfortunately, we are unable to give full refunds for the Skin Sessions.

We take your privacy and data seriously. Our platform is designed with security in mind to ensure your data is kept safe. Our trained Skin Mentors are also tied to strict confidentiality agreements to ensure your information remains secure.

Your recommendations will be added directly to your Skin Profile on the Lion/ne platform, where you can also shop direct! You will be notified via email when your profile is ready to view.

Skin changes all the time, which is why our packages are designed to support you over specified periods. Like we’ve mentioned, we’re your full service skin support system, so your Skin Profile and recommendation will change in tandem with your skin and its evolving needs. We highly recommend having frequent check-ins with your Skin Mentor and maintaining an ongoing relationship to track your progress and to make timely adjustments to your regime as and when you need them.

Please contact hello@lionne.co for information on group and/or coroporate options.

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