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Want to find out more about Lion/ne before you sign up? We totally understand. That’s why we offer FREE 10 minute Discovery Calls for all your burning questions.

During the call, one of our Skin Mentors will walk you through what happens during our Holistic Skin Sessions, explain our handy mentor matching process and fill you in on all the unique benefits you’ll get when starting your skin journey with Lion/ne.

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We’re Lion/ne, the holistic skincare service that will change the way you shop for skincare for good. Cutting through the beauty BS, we decode your unique skin needs and help you build a bespoke routine that actually works.


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Claudia Tua

79% Match

Claudia Tua

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Your Bespoke

Skin Mentor

Graduates of our rigorous skin training program, we'll match you with the best Skin Mentor to suit your needs and they'll remain on hand to coach you along your skin journey.

Your Bespoke

Skin Profile

The skin profile will give practical tips and tools to address not only your skin concerns, but also your Skin Mood™. Think lifestyle-induced dehydration or congestion caused by city pollution.

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What’s your Skin Mood™? 💡✨

Did you know, skin type is only 10% of your skin story. At Lion/ne, we’ve coined Skin Mood™, a term we use to describe extrinsic skin conditions that occur due to lifestyle factors. Sometimes we can adjust our behaviours to eradicate certain triggers (think diet, exercise, sleep and stress) whereas other forces are more out of our control (weather, hormones, genetics and ageing).

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Your Bespoke


We tailor our unbiased recommendations not only to your skin needs, but also to your budget and beauty buying ethos too!


Initial in-depth skin session with assigned skin mentor

Comprehensive skin profile plus skin health status report

A purpose-built routine full of unbiased product recommendations

Holistic lifestyle advice to limit obstacles standing between you and your skin goals

Dynamic personalised calendar explaining how (and when!) to use each product that evolves along with your routine

1 month direct chat access with assigned skin mentor


Good question! Before your session with your assigned Skin Mentor, we’ll ask you to submit a few photos. Don’t worry – phone selfies are fine, we just advise standing in natural light and taking a picture from three different angles: one of the right side of the face, one of the left and one from the front.

These images will enable your Skin Mentor to begin to analyse your skin and flag any key areas to discuss.

Our Skin Mentors take a holistic approach and are trained to ask specific questions around how the skin feels as well as recognise small details from photos in order to make a comprehensive skin assessment of the skin. Just like a nutritionist doesn’t need to see your insides to figure out dietary recommendations, there are other ways to garner a firm understanding the skin – and that’s exactly what we do!

Our Skin Mentors are graduates of our unique and intensive training programme, so they are super well equipped to assess your skin and design your ideal skincare regime.

Skincare is not one size fits all and your regime should not be static, but should change just like the seasons! That’s why our Skin Mentors not only help to build your foundation routine, but will also be there to guide you along your entire skincare journey.

We don’t love the term ‘expert’. It’s thrown around ALOT in the beauty industry and is particularly ambiguous (like a lot of beauty marketing jargon!).

That said, our Skin Mentors are pretty impressive. Before joining Lion/ne, they take an 8 week intensive training course designed by us and certified by BABTAC. It covers everything, from skin science, the impact of lifestyle and diet, how to complete a holistic skin assessment and so much more. Naturally, they’re required to pass all module quizzes and conduct additional skin session training.

To learn more about our Skin Mentor training or to enquire about becoming a certified Lion/ne Skin Mentor yourself, click here.

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