Oct 9th, 2020

Victoria Allner

Meet Victoria

Name: Victoria Allner

Age: 28

Skin State Before Lion/ne: Severe eczema

Skin State After Lion/ne: normal, no eczema ( rare flare ups)

Victoria's Journey

When did your skin start being something that you wanted to focus on?
I always suffered from eczema but when i moved to London in 2016 it got a lot worse and I really struggled to ever get it back to 'base'. I have used a number of topical steroids and in 2018 got put on a drug called Methotrexate. Despite this helping, in February 2020 I had a significant flare up despite being on the medication and just didn't know what else to try.

What was your biggest skin frustration?
Eczema - and specifically not knowing what products I could use to support other skin concerns and compliment what I was prescribed for the eczema itself

Where did you go first to try to solve this problem?

What was your biggest frustration or challenge with the current beauty market?
That brands say it is for 'sensitive skin' or 'all skin types' and that's just not the case so you invest time and money into a product that actually makes it worse.

Journey With Lion/ne

How did you hear about Lion/ne?

What made you want to book a consultation with them?
Outbreak of eczema that was sever even after being put on a very strong medication for it

How did you feel during your consultation?
Supported and understood.

What did Lion/ne do differently?
They weren't just looking for a quick fix and a way to get me off their hands as fast as possible. They asked about all aspects of my lifestyle and skin concerns, not just the main problem. They helped me curate a regime that complimented the oral medication I take for my eczema and target other concerns I have about my skin as well. Everything they recommended to me has been compatible with my skin, which is so rare for me. I have not had a reaction to a single product they suggested.

Skin Journey

Were your expectations met?
YES - exceeded all my expectations.

How do you now feel about your skin and what has improved?
My eczema has only flared up mildly once and i have not had to use a topical steroid since starting my Lionne routine.

Has this changed the way you feel in your day to day life?
Yes - completely. Prior to Lionne I felt uncomfortable at work and even cancelled plans with friends when my eczema was severe on my face. I was also petrified that prolonged use of topical steroids on my skin was damaging it permanently and the anxiety lead to sleepless nights and stress which made it worse. I now feel happy about my skin and haven't had any of those anxieties for months.

Did you feel that Lion/ne was present throughout your whole journey?

Have you ever had a similar relationship with another skincare or beauty brand?

Finally, would you recommend Lion/ne’s services to someone that has similar skin issues?
Yes - 100%. I was quite sceptical about this service due to my eczema and also my experience with skincare in the past. I wasn't sure it was capable of helping considering I was already on what it considered the strongest medication for eczema. But I can say without a doubt that this has really supported my recovery and made a significant difference to my skin. Having a routine curated for you gave me the confidence in investing in good products which I knew wouldn't aggravate or worsen my eczema whilst also targeting other concerns I had such as ageing.

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