May 14th, 2020

Julia Sekkesaeter

Meet Julia

Name: Julia Sekkesaeter

Age: 25

Skin State Before Lion/ne: Spots and uneven skin tone

Skin State After Lion/ne: Working towards an established skin goal and seeing improvements on a monthly basis

Julia's Journey

When did your skin start being something that you wanted to focus on?
After I went to a dermatologist that gave me too harsh products, I suffered a lot with my skin. I was lost in a sea of commercials and irrelevant skin advice.

What was your biggest skin frustration?
That I didn’t have the relevant knowledge. It is great to now be a part of a team that continuously helps me with my skin and checks in to see how my skin is doing and how we can improve.

Where did you go first to try to solve this problem?
I went to a dermatologist as I thought they would give me the best advice. However, I ended up with someone just giving me very harsh products, which led me to suffer from sensitive skin thereafter.

What was your biggest frustration or challenge with the current beauty market?
Too much information, very little insight into my specific skin needs.

Journey With Lion/ne

How did you hear about Lion/ne?
Highly recommended by friends

What made you want to book a consultation with them?
Your openness and humble approach. Loved how you never claimed to fix my skin in x number of weeks, but rather offered to be my allies on my skin journey.

How did you feel during your consultation?
Great! Lovely women with expertise and insight!

What did Lion/ne do differently?
Offers allies on my personal skin journey that I can just text or call whenever I have a skin enquiry. A kind of personal approach and service, I have never experienced elsewhere.

Julia Sekkesaeter

Skin Journey

Were your expectations met?
Most definitely! You have given me unique insight into my skin and how to improve it. No one has ever told me before that I had a compromised skin barrier and that it was what caused my breakouts. Elsewhere I have been told to buy expensive harsh products, but Lion/ne showed me how to build my skin barrier and get rid of my breakouts without damaging my skin further.

How do you now feel about your skin and what has improved?
I am on the way to getting completely clear skin. My skin has improved since I came to Lion/ne almost 10 months ago. It is amazing to see the difference on the skin through their skin scanning device from 10 months ago and now.

Has this changed the way you feel in your day to day life?
Most definitely.

Have you ever had a similar relationship with another skincare or beauty brand?
Never! Loved how I get a personalised shopping list with all the best products just for my skin and adjusted to my budget.

Finally, would you recommend Lion/ne’s services to someone that has similar skin issues?
Highly recommended for anyone who wants some allies on their skin journey. Let someone else worry about your skin and you can focus on living your best life!

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