Oct 9th, 2020

Charlotte Parkinson

Meet Charlotte

Name: Charlotte Parkinson

Age: 30

Skin State Before Lion/ne: Red marks, angry breakouts, inconsistent

Skin State After Lion/ne: Heals so much quicker, clearer for longer, starting to understand it.

Charlotte's Journey

When did your skin start being something that you wanted to focus on?
It’s always been something I wanted to change - to feel confident in no make up but the lockdown escalated that feeling and pushed me to want to learn more. Three years ago I had an awful episode of acne and since then I’ve tried to learn more about products but felt overwhelmed. Since then I’ve tried a million and one different products but never really knowing what caused my acne or breakouts. After getting engaged I knew I had to do something because I couldn’t face the idea of having bad skin on my wedding day.

What was your biggest skin frustration?
Breakouts. Painful cysts always around my chin / jaw area that take ages to go / heal. And then red markings even when I have no actual spots.

Where did you go first to try to solve this problem?
When I had serious acne I went to the doctor - I was prescribed antibiotics and a cream. I was scared of the cream after being warned it could bleach my towels but the antibiotics worked very quickly. I’d still get the breakouts but the acne cleared.

What was your biggest frustration or challenge with the current beauty market?
That people are willing to push anything and it’s hard to know what to trust. The next challenge is knowing what your own skin then needs.

Journey With Lion/ne

How did you hear about Lion/ne?
In a magazine article.

What made you want to book a consultation with them?
It seemed something different. Because it was virtual it was always very accessible for someone not living in London.

How did you feel during your consultation?
Really probed but in a good way - it was like chatting to a friend who really wanted to understand my lifestyle. It wasn’t just about skincare but stress levels, workout schedules, diet… I was left intrigued and eager to learn more

What did Lion/ne do differently?
Took the time to understand my skin and lifestyle. And then really addressed what was going on - I was told how to use my skincare at different times of day, what to do pre and post workout, what I should stop using in my routine and what I should add in and how.

Skin Journey

Were your expectations met?
And more! Being told to stop using certain things I loved was a shock but it worked. I learnt so much from that first feedback, I completely changed my approach to how I take care of my skin and ultimately me. I loved creating a new routine and the calendar Lion/be creat for you too. And the ongoing support after was just amazing - always there when you need them.

How do you now feel about your skin and what has improved?
The improvement is amazing - it looks hydrated, my make up sits better, I’m often told by friends that I’m glowing, and that’s all down to the changes Lion/ne put in place. If I have a breakout now it seems to heal so quickly and I’m confident in my skin without foundation. I understand now more what causes my breakouts and what to do about them. I love my routine and looking after me more.And on my wedding day, I’ve never felt more confident. My make up artist even commented how much my skin had changed and how much more hydrated it was on my wedding day compared to my trial.

Has this changed the way you feel in your day to day life?
Absolutely - I am so much more confident. Your face skin is such a visible part of you and my confidence is so knocked when it’s not good but Lion/ne have given me the tools and support I needed.

Did you feel that Lion/ne was present throughout your whole journey?
Always - a message away for all I needed.

Have you ever had a similar relationship with another skincare or beauty brand?
Never. I trust Lion/ne when they recommend products - they have no self interest or anything to gain other than a happy customer.

Finally, would you recommend Lion/ne’s services to someone that has similar skin issues?
100% - everyone needs Lion/ne’s expert support.

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