Sep 9th, 2020

Carolina Esperito Santo

Meet Carolina

Name: Carolina Esperito Santo

Age: 28

Skin State Before Lion/ne: Red, flaky, breakouts...

Skin State After Lion/ne: Moistured, less flaky, and less red

Carolina's Journey

When did your skin start being something that you wanted to focus on?
in my mid 20s.

What was your biggest skin frustration?
Redness and flakiness in certain areas such as nose and eyebrows.

Where did you go first to try to solve this problem?

What was your biggest frustration or challenge with the current beauty market?
There's too many options, everything is advertised as amazing but having a sensitive skin it isn't always great for me.

Journey With Lion/ne

How did you hear about Lion/ne?
Ksenia was at EHL at the same time as me :)

What made you want to book a consultation with them?
They are sponsored by skincare companies, they will always recommend the item they think is best for YOU

How did you feel during your consultation?
During both consultation, I felt like I needed to get to know my skin and to really take care of it in different ways, also I learned a lot !

What did Lion/ne do differently?
they recommended skincare items only, and a calendar stating how to use each, vand nothing medical/antibiotic (like a dermatologist would).

Skin Journey

Were your expectations met?

How do you now feel about your skin and what has improved?
The first time, I felt more secure due to less redness and flakiness. However as mentioned, it wasn't totally gone and can't wait to get Ksenia's new recommendation.

Has this changed the way you feel in your day to day life?

Did you feel that Lion/ne was present throughout your whole journey?
Yes, felt like I could always contact them with issues or questions.

Have you ever had a similar relationship with another skincare or beauty brand?

Finally, would you recommend Lion/ne’s services to someone that has similar skin issues?
Yes, my best friend is currently booking a consultation :)

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